Delicious Summer Drinks To Stay Hydrated And Satiate The Taste Buds

summer drinks
Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

Summers bring out sunglasses, cotton wears and caps sitting in your wardrobe. It also makes the heart yearn for chilled water and ice-creams. While ice-creams are definitely our go-to in summers, they don’t help the body to stay hydrated. Consumption of huge amounts of water undoubtedly is the best way to keep the body hydrated, however, your taste buds might demand something more satisfying than just water. What are summer drinks for? 

Summer drinks not just keep the body hydrated, but also add other health quotients. Here are some of the cool and lip-smacking summer drinks you can relish.

Kokum Sherbet 

The very thought of this is salivating! This one is a trip to heaven for those who like a blend of anything sour and sweet. Kokum or Aamsol sherbet helps the body to stay cool, has anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties. It is great for digestion and a perfect refreshment. 

Jal Jeera 

This one is for those who never say no to any spicy and chatpata. Jal Jeera is a digestive drink made from not just cumin powder but also lemon and ginger powder. It is served with a garnishing of boondi, mint and coriander leaves. It is also an instant energy booster. 


A famous drink of Maharashtra, it is the liquid form of shrikhand. It is made by mixing All those who cannot get enough of sweet punch, Piyush is a drink to die for. Piyush accelerates digestion, controls stomach acids and also greatly benefits the skin. It is also a blood purifier and has anti-inflammatory qualities. 


An all-time favourite, Chaas gets especially delicious during the summers given its cooling properties. Chaas has a number of benefits right from detoxification to reducing acidity, blood pressure and constipation. 

Ganne Ka Rass 

Watching the fresh green juice fall from the churning machine into the glass itself quenches half of the thirst, doesn’t it? Sugarcane juice is probably the healthiest summer drink which not just acts as a natural body coolant but is also rich in iron. It is thus a natural energy booster. If you are out in the sun either shopping or working, you can always grab a glass of sugarcane juice to recharge yourself. 

Nimbu Sherbet 

Remember the childhood summer vacation days when you were served with a glass of Nimbu Paani/Sherbet by mum or granny after coming back from playing sports in the afternoons? Nimbu Paani still hasn’t lost its charm. A great immunity booster, Nimbu Paani also refreshes the mind and soothes the taste buds. It also aids in digestion and helps to put an end to nausea. 

Make sure you consume these summer drinks from time to time to keep your body hydrated during the summer season and keep the sun from draining your energy. 


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