Cutting Chai – The Mass Media Festival Of R. D. National College

cutting chai

R. D. & S. H. National College is celebrating Thirteenth year of its glorious Mass Media festival, Cutting Chai. Famous for its unique and creative themes, this year with twenty prestigious colleges fighting for the cure to survive against their eventual doom, the event is expected to redefine the concept of festivals as a whole.

Titled the ‘Quest of the Chailestial souls’, the theme continues the story arc from previous years, this year the colleges will be participating as Mythical beings. If around Linking road, keep an eye out for teenagers chanting slogans out for the festival or their respective contingent. With colleges Like St. Andrew’s, Jai Hind, HR, KC and MMK competing, the festival is bound to be full of excitement.

cutting chai

Set in the second week of February, the event is a must to go for any Mass media student to grab the unique opportunity to access the prestigious platform to showcase their talent.


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