Creative Careers For Those Who Think Out Of The Box

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In a world where people are blindly running after the conventional careers in a race to become doctors, engineers, lawyers and IS officers, there are many less thought-of careers which are no less than the conventional ones when it comes to providing satisfaction to those who are looking to make use of their creative aptitude. If you have a creative streak that dominates your personality, then here’s a list of some of the best careers for you. 

1. Advertising

creative advertising
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The growing competition between national and international products and services has led to a boom in the marketing and advertising field. Advertising includes three main areas of work which are media planning, creative content department, and the visual department. Media planning includes budget planning, decision making on the duration/size of the ad, and advertising mediums. Creative content includes copywriting and coming up with effective punch lines. The visual department works on layouts, colours, background, photographs, models, design, etc. Individuals entering this area must be sensitive to consumer behaviour, have creative conceptualizations and visual imagination and psychological understanding of human nature. Different areas in advertising require different educational specialisations.

  • Through management, one can become a media planner or an account executive.
  • Through fine arts, one can join as a visualiser.
  • Through English majors, one can become a copywriter.
  • There are special diploma and certificate courses specially for advertising.
  • One may also look at mass communication to enter the field.


  • College of Art, DU (BFA)
  • NIFT
  • National Institute of advertising, Delhi
  • Symbiosis, Pune (communication design)
  • MICA

2. Architecture

If you are good at creative visualization and are interested in designing buildings then architecture is the career option for you. Architects are taught to make the best use of available space and use the building laws and regulations to design structures. The different work profiles are landscape, naval, residential, commercial and industrial architecture. Many usually do a course in interior design to complement their course. Candidates can get into this field by appearing for NATA or JEE examination. Only Candidates with PCM background are eligible for these exams.


  • NITs
  • School of Planning and Architecture
  • JJ School Of Architecture
  • DAVV Indore
  • IIT, Kharagpur
  • Punjab University

3. Film Making

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A filmmaker looks after all aspects of film making from choosing a script to scheduling shoots to selecting actors, editing, putting in special effects. You may specialize in different areas like cinematography, direction, production editing, scriptwriting, sound engineering, video mixing, music, etc. Formal training in dramatics could be a good foundation. Studies in mass communication also help in this area. Candidates may start by making short films individually to eventually getting hired at bigger productions. This career in the glamour industry is difficult to break in but not impossible if you are competent, adaptable and determined. 


  • Film and Television Institute of India
  • Film and Television Institute of Tamil Nadu
  • Satyajit Ray’s Film Institute
  • National School of Drama
  • Whistling Woods

4. RJ/VJ/Anchoring

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A radio jockey is a person who hosts a radio talk show, he/she selects the music to be played and also interacts with the audiences via telephone. A video jockey is a person who introduces music videos and host music-related shows on television. Anchors host the various events, reality shows, or other programmes and keep the audiences engaged. These careers are loosely related to the glamour industry, hence the competition is fierce but if you have the right skills, training and talent, this is a promising and fulfilling career option. To be successful in these domains, one needs to have an appealing and lively voice, should have the ability to engage with the crowd and keep them interested and should be friendly and have a good sense of humour. 


  • All India Radio, New Delhi
  • The MUDRA Institute of Communications, Mumbai
  • Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communications
  • MSME, Okhla, Delhi

These are some of the best careers to get into if you have a dynamic personality, out of the box imagination and knack for creativity. 


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