Combination Of Both Grades And Experience Can Shine Your Career

Combination Of Both Grades And Experience Can Shine Your Career.
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The world has proven to be the biggest platform of competition where every person is in a race to achieve their goals. With no pause in the race, we never miss a chance to grab any opportunity that helps in taking us closer to our aim. Although all the universal participants of this race have their own different goals, the winner is usually the one who runs not just fast but also smartly. To the fact, checking on to the respective current situation one tends to choose to lead apart from focusing on both qualitative and quantitative measures of success. 

The talks in society have always been creating confusion in the mind of whether to choose to work on maintaining grades or to focus on experience lending opportunities.  We always are surrounded by suggestions and advice regarding which amongst the two will add more value to our careers. Hence, the question arises, which one to choose, grades, or experien

Power of grades- grades, as known to the generation have a special place in our parents’ minds. Grades have always been directly proportional to parents’ happiness. More the grades more the happiness. But, just receiving good grades for the sake of happiness isn’t sufficient enough to set yourself on the right career track. Grades, by the career perspective, definitely do have a great significance in the lives of students.

  1. Enhances the concentration – For achieving good grades one tends to keep all the distractions aside and focus only on the career. As one learns to balance between the career and distractions in their student life, it helps them to maintain their concentration throughout their career.
  2. Builds a competitive attitude – One works harder towards their study and field in order to get the highest grades. This although can sometimes be stressful, but in the long run, it helps a person on always leading the league of their career.
  3. Self-motivation – Good grades, once achieved motivates students to work harder to maintain or get higher grades. 

Power of experience – Grades, during the school or college life, can get you temporary lead in life or having a sincere image, but it cannot be sufficient enough to maintain the same for years. With theoretical learning, early practical experience in your career is equally necessary.

  1. Enables you to be a field expert – With experience, one learns to relate the theoretical knowledge in the real world. Moreover, having small experiences during education avoids the sudden pressure of work during a job.
  2. Better understanding – Experience gives a thorough explanation about your field which helps you to understand the theoretical knowledge in true sense. 
  3. Helps you stand out – Having experience makes your resumes and CVs efficient enough for being eligible for a job. Having experience helps you build contacts in your career industry which opens up doors for future opportunities.

For attaining success, grades and experiences both equally have their significance in a student’s life. It is always better to play smarter in the race by collecting both theoretical and practical opportunities.

Having highest grades cannot always lead you to a successful career but having average grades with an early experience through internships and part-time jobs will always assure you a position in the industry without any longer wait after your graduation. 


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