“Cheers” To The “High Spirits” Of Mixologist, Sonali Mullick

Sonali Mullick

She wouldn’t be where she is now had she simply accepted what our society believes in – ‘Standing behind the bar isn’t a profession for women’.  Following her heart, this mixologist has come a long way, enjoying every bit of her journey in becoming one of the most popular woman mixologists of India. Sonali Mullick is an enthusiastic mixologist who carries immense love in her heart for making cool cocktails for the fancy thirsty. 

A mixologist is a person who mixes drinks making a completely different drink or a cocktail. The catch here is that he/she doesn’t just prepare these heavenly tasting drinks, but also prepares them in ways that appeal greatly to the eyes. That is the beauty of this profession. It serves you with the most colourful and attractive drinks.

Sonali Mullick
Hail Mogambo
Hum Saath Saath Hai
Dragon Fruit Mojito

Working with brands like Hitchki and Bayroute, Sonali Mullick has been in the field of mixology since 2006. She is a talented mixologist who chose to pursue mixology as a career since she found it to be “hatke” (unique) from all the other professions and also was very fascinated by it.  

Even after years of practising this profession, Sonali still receives shocked reactions from people when they discover that a mixologist is a woman. This she says is the biggest myth of people thinking that a woman cannot be a mixologist. Sonali has quite evidently proven such people wrong. 

She credits her talent to Shatbhi Basu who is the first woman mixologist and bartender in India. Sonali Mullick has received formal training from her who taught her the basics as well as the secrets of preparing a lip-smacking drink. Sonali not just considers Shatbhi Basu as her guru but also derives great inspiration from her.

When asked about what she likes most about her profession, Sonali smiles widely and says that she loves to meet and get to know a variety of innumerable people having various taste buds. 

Further, Sonali parted with a strong message for all young people like you and me of living our lives on our own terms and choosing a career that interests us the most. The most important word of advice that she gave us, which we all definitely need to follow is that of living our life ‘bindaas’! 

She sounds fun, doesn’t she? Well, she is super fun and we had a great time talking to her. Why don’t you click below to watch her full interview and see for yourself the fun woman that she is? 


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