AIESEC Organises Its Global Village Event Of 2019 With The Aim Of Uniting Cultures

Global Village Event

We live in a world that’s often labelled a ‘global village’, yet it’s ironic that we bear several preconceived notions about people from other countries. With a plethora of cultures around us, our interactions with other cultures become increasingly important. Global Village 2019, an event hosted by the youth leadership forum AIESEC in Mumbai aims to blur such cultural divides among citizens of different countries through a mix of art, music, food and entertainment. Interns from various countries who’ve stayed in India as a part of a cultural exchange programme will voice their understanding of the country and talk about their roots through the event, busting various myths and elaborating on-ground realities in their own quirky ways.

Representatives from countries such as Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Poland, China, Tunisia will be present. AIESEC’s Global Village initiative has been an annual ritual across 70 countries for years, dwelling upon aspects like social sustainability, global awareness and cultural understanding. 

Global Village Event
Global Village Event

Live music sets by local performers and students, promise to entertain participants with their playlists. The music is targeted more at the local crowds and is also expected to give other nationals, an opportunity to understand our roots. The stalls by the interns will showcase the culture of their respective countries through souvenirs, local food, facts and explain their differences with the Indian culture. 

Mumbaikars will get a deeper insight into the culture of other countries. Global Village 2019 aims to break barriers and quite literally ‘live borderlessly’. The event will be held on the 4th of August at R City Mall in Ghatkopar. Do try to make it because this is one event you will definitely not want to miss.


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