The Art of Power Dressing

Marvel's Iron Fist

The old adage says it is the inner beauty that counts.Indeed, inner beauty is undoubtedly important but in the highly judgmental world of low attention span, external appearances equally matter. To quote Virus from 3 Idiots, “life’s a race”. In this race, you only get one chance to make a stellar impression. From your outfit to your accessory, each piece echoes your style and, enhances your personality. In other words, a classy and elegant look not only leaves a positive mark where it matters, but your style statement can also add to confidence levels. For those of you who could do with that confidence boost on the first day of your working lives, take a cue from these dapper Netflix characters, who effortlessly embody power dressing.

Frank and Claire, House Of Cards

Both Frank and Claire are always dressed to the nines. Frank wears perfectly tailored suits and Claire has just the right look every occasion. The glossy hair, the power heels, the figure-skimming sheath dresses… Claire Underwood, the First Lady of Netflix series House Of Cards.

Thea, Arrow

In the more recent seasons of Arrow, we see that Thea Queen has developed a more mature outlook and attitude. Her attire as well has become more professional. She can rock either black buckle strap boots or a floral sequined with equal flair.

Jessica and Harvey, Suits

Jessica and Harvey are two of a kind when it boils down to their sense of fashion. Whether it’s the kind of tie you wear or the way you choose to accessorize, there’s a lot you could learn from suits about how to put together the perfect outfit. Everyone on Suits looks good. From the men’s Tom Ford duds to the ladies’ to-die-for Prada heels, there’s plenty to drool over every week. But no character is as impeccably styled as Jessica Pearson, who has never worn the same thing twice in six years.

Ward and Joy, Iron fist

Ward and Joy are a picture perfect representation of how what you wear and how you carry yourself can make all the difference. He’s very traditional and classic and doesn’t deviate from that look much.Joy, like Ivanka Trump, a woman who could model and was born into wealth, but who actually has a career and a path that she’s setting for herself. Joy looks at clothing as an investment. She has special designer pieces, bags, shoes…

Marvel’s Iron Fist

Alicia Florrick, The Good Wife

Alicia is quite the power dresser in the world of law and lawyers. From being the wife of a disgraced state attorney to a junior litigator, and then going on to become a state attorney herself, Alicia’s style kept evolving for the better with every passing day. Her impeccably tailored clothes instantly convey power, confidence, and control, as well as exhibit different facets of her personality. Alicia effortlessly channels a classic meets modern vibe.


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