Celeb Secrets


Model and actor Nidhi Sunil was first spotted on Channel V in the ‘Get Gorgeous’ model hunt

Beauty regime
My beauty regime is simple: keep your face clean and well moisturised, use sunscreen and exercise regularly.

Magic makeup trick
Whenever in an absolute hurry, lightly smudge kohl under the eyes and a little
colour on the cheeks.


Makeup tips
Keep it simple. Find products that work for you and stick by them.

5 items in your travel kit
Sunscreen, lip balm, water, music and chocolate.

Favourite fragrance
At the moment, Gucci Envy.

Beauty faux pas
Personally, I find clumpy mascara a massive faux pas as well as wearing too
much makeup; knowing when to stop is an underrated virtue.



Volume 1 Issue 8


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