skincare for men

6 Easy Skincare Tips For Men

Who says men don’t need to worry about treating their skin? It is equally important for them to take of their skills as it...
keep your house cool in summer

Cool and Quirky Ways of Keeping your House Cool in Summers

The heat of summer is on and the temperature is reaching 40°C. You might be thinking to install an Air Conditioner but...
Zodiac Styles

Zodiac Style: Dress According To Your Zodiac Sign

There are 12 zodiac signs and each has their strengths, weaknesses and particular traits which differentiate each sign from one another. Each zodiac sign...
Bizarre Beauty Treatments

10 Bizarre Beauty Treatments That Will Blow Your Mind

Everyone wants a beautiful, healthy and younger looking skin and people will try every way to achieve that. Many celebrities go through...

Bags That Never Go Out Of Fashion

It is impossible for almost all the girls including you and me to step out of the house without a bag in hand. No...

Save For Future Or Spend For Present?

Today’s youth is focused more on spending rather than saving. Kanika Nayar dives into the issue, providing insights and the way forward.

5 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want Your Relationship To Live Long

Let’s get real, a relationship doesn’t just survive on exchanging ‘I love yous’ every day and making “aww so cute” gestures for...

It’s World Cocktail Day! What Is Your Pick Of The Day?

What better day than today to celebrate the World Cocktail day? Yes, it’s World Cocktail Day!! It is summers and its a...

8 Interesting Ways To Make Your Mother Feel Special This Mother’s Day

Someone has rightly said, “Life does not come with a Manual; it comes with a Mother.” Mothers dedicate their...

5 Best Conversation Starters To Save Yourself From Awkward Silences

"Those are some really nice pair of shoes" "Thanks." "Where did you buy it from"

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