Common Skin And Hair Problems Faced By The Youth & How To Combat Them - Shahnaz Husain

Common Skin And Hair Problems Faced By The Youth & How To Combat Them...

We are all born with good skin. As we grow older, the skin is influenced by many factors, like diets, habits and lifestyle. The...

Give Your Skin A Breather

                                        Volume 4 Issue 3

The Heat is On!

The days are getting hotter and the heat won't be going anywhere for the next couple of months! The hot sun can leave your...

Affordable Skincare Products (Under Rs. 500!)

Finding skincare products that are effective and affordable can get difficult, especially if you’re a student who has to work within a tight pocket-money...

Beauty & Brains!

We think It's Amazing that celebrities find the time to manage their hectic work schedules with academic life, what most of us think of as a full-time commitment. check out these hollywood celebs who have both beauty and brains!

Beauty Secrets

Youth Inc speaks to the vivacious RJ and host Teejay Siddhu about her skin secrets and her beauty must-haves

Brush away to Beauty

Makeup brushes are beauty accessories that everyone uses but no one talks about. Here is a handy guide to the seven kinds of brushes every girl must have Foundation Brush For applying all...

Hair in Technicolour

    Volume 4 Issue 7

6 Fun Ways To Pamper Yourself

“I am busy, working late. Can’t make it today. We’ll meet some other day.” This will probably be the most used sentence by all...

Things To Know About Body And Facial Piercing!!

Piercings are a great way to modify your body. If you have ever been interested in body art, body piercings could be just the...

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