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monsoon skincare

Monsoon Skincare Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy

The much-awaited season of monsoon requires a dedicated skincare regime to counter the humidity and fluctuating temperatures. Taking care of your skin...

6 Fun Ways To Pamper Yourself

“I am busy, working late. Can’t make it today. We’ll meet some other day.” This will probably be the most used sentence by all...

Care Today, Hair Tomorrow

  Volume 4 Issue 11

Holi After Effects

There’s no better day than Holi to let your guard down and indulge in some mad colourful revelry. Having said that, the aftermath of all...
Bizarre Beauty Treatments

10 Bizarre Beauty Treatments That Will Blow Your Mind

Everyone wants a beautiful, healthy and younger-looking skin and people will try every way to achieve that. Many celebrities go through crazy...

Festival Looks

  Volume 5 Issue 4
Korean Beauty Product

8 Korean Beauty Products that will Rejuvenate your Skin

You’ve heard it all. The routines and the hype around the Korean beauty products have set the world abuzz.  Seoul, the capital city of...

Celeb Secrets – Amyra Dastur – April 2014

Model and actor Amyra Dastur made her Bollywood debut with the film Issaq in 2013. She will be seen in the upcoming Tamil film...

Apps for the Wanderlust

APPS FOR THE WANDERLUST Convert your phone into a travel companion that does more than just calling and texting XE CONVERTER Platforms: Android, iOS Description: This freebie is...

Look Spook-tacular

With these stunning hair and make-up tips, you are sure to slay this Halloween! On which other day can you join the kids and dress...

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