Reigning Hair Styles

It is true that the right hair colour adds to a woman's looks and personality. Here are some Youth Inc approved hair colour trends...
winter skincare

Natural Winter Care Tip And Remedies For Your Skin

If Jon Snow knows nothing, I am sure you don’t want to be him in these harsh winters, especially when it comes to...

Care for Your Body Piercings

Vikas Malani, co-founder of the popular tattoo parlour and piercing studio, Body Canvas, provides expert advice on how to care for body piercings Dos * You may feel...


    Volume 4 Issue 1

Nail that Look!

  Nail art designs can range from subtle to funky to just plain outrageous! Choose to paint flowers on your nails or spell out the...

Glam Up At Affordable Rates!!

Looking for affordable make-up products which you can use on a daily basis? Here are few products under Rs. 850 which will work wonders for...

It’s A Hair Story

  Volume 5 Issue 8
Inside The World Of Influencers In Beauty

Inside The World Of Influencers In Beauty

What you already know User reviews are a large part of the online shopping experience, because when you can’t first-hand sample a product, you must...
10 things every girl needs to have in her bag

Your Handbag Must Have’s

For the times when you’re running late for work and need to pack your bag in a hurry, don’t forget to dump these essentials...

7 Proven Tips On How To Grow A Thick Beard

A man with a thick, lively, long, and neat beard is definitely a looker. There is something about these types of beards that make...

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