Martial Twist

As Capoeira takes the world by storm, Beverly Pereira explores this next big fitness trend A lot of people see it as a martial art,...
Ill effects of dieting

The Dark Side of Dieting

Tempted to shed a few kilos before the party season begins? Well, if you plan to go on a diet, it’s important to be...

Start Small, Thing Big

Neither crash diets nor irregular fitness routines can help you lose weight. If the weighing scale has become your enemy of late, it's high time you get starred with this seemingly Herculean task

No Flab, just Sizzling

Are you on a mission to get enviable abs of steel? Youth Inc gives you the inside information

Cool Down That Anger Before It Starts Gushing Out

Anger is a necessary part of life but can lead to physical and mental illnesses if left unchecked. Minal Patodia investigates

Invigorate Your Career

Day Spas are mushrooming in India and abroad. Beverly pereira tells you how to cash in on a career in the wellness industry

Weighty Matters

Shedding holiday weight has always been an issue with those who have been vacationing and binging on fried food in the monsoon! Worry not, Priyanka Mehra gives you easy ways of getting back to shape

The Nature Doctor

Allopathic treatments have helped many over the years, but the side effects are giving way to alternative methods. Priyanka Mehra looks at the holistic treatment method of natural therapy

Enough Buff

Are overly muscular men attractive? Suchita Parikh find out

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