The 'Chill' Pill


The tiny three-letter-word, sex, is becoming a pervasive theme in our present culture. It is no longer considered taboo as it once was and people are discussing it everywhere. Starting from television commercials to music videos, movies, magazines to the Internet, plots involving sexual pursuit and gratification are now staple content. The media is always bombarding us with these fanciful images of love, life, sex and happily ever after. But rarely is it true; life is not a movie where you meet a cute guy or girl, go out on some romantic dates and make magical love. There are hard facts to face: pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, disillusionment and yes, broken hearts just to name a few.

Teenage pregnancy is quite a common scene nowadays. Due to many factors, girls are reaching puberty at younger ages. Thanks to high fertility rates in the adolescent age group, alcohol and substance abuse, the rate of teenage pregnancy is increasing. It may sound exciting to live out the media’s portrayal of sex, but the outcomes are far from fun with problems like depression, social embarrassment and numerous other emotional and physical trauma. With the arrival of the emergency contraceptive pill or the morning after pill, some teen pregnancies are being prevented but there are still many who experience unintended pregnancy each year. The pill, which is regarded as a revolution in birth control, is becoming a common habit of teenagers who have unprotected sex. But these have serious side-effects and medical complications that most are unaware of.

Morning-after pills alter the processes of ovulation that causes changes in the cervical mucus to prevent the rise of the sperm and prevents the implantation of fertilised egg, therefore causing contraception. The excessive intake of the morningafter pill, however, triggers various complications and health problems.
Sometimes, the pill even fails to prevent pregnancy leading the girl to bear down the pains and trauma of abortion. Once considered as the ‘chill pill’, the pill is no longer cool. It should be kept in mind the pill should be taken only when the condom breaks and not as frequently as four to five times a month. It should not be taken as a routine contraceptive as it contains high amount of oestrogen and progesterone, which causes hormonal imbalances in women.

Besides commonly known side effects like nausea and headache, the emergency contraception pill also causes blurred vision, shortness of breath, chest pains, severe abdominal pains and irregular menstrual periods. The side-effects may remain longer then one day; although not life-threatening, one may experience mood swings and weakness for a long period of time.

A recent study has found that those adolescents who are in the habit of taking the morning-after pill quite frequently may be at risk for increased rates of anorexia, bulimia or depression, and these girls will have an increased risk of an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal pregnancy, which occurs outside the womb (uterus). It is also known as a tubal pregnancy. It happens in about two of every 100 pregnancies inIndia. As the pregnancy grows, it causes pain and bleeding and, if not recognised, the tube can rupture, causing internal bleeding. It can be fatal. The pregnancy itself never survives; the foetus can’t be moved to the womb and has to be removed.

It should also be kept in mind that oral contraceptives should be taken under the consultation of a doctor. It contains numerous chemicals, which may have side-effects and harmful for the normal bodily function. Oral contraceptives also causes vitamin deficiency; the chemicals present in the pills interfere with the body’s absorption of folic acid, vitamin B6, selenium and vitamin C. Folic acid prevents anaemia and cell changes that can lead to cancer. Vitamin B6 deficiency is linked to depression. Selenium and vitamin C are both important for maintaining a healthy immune system.

Just like when we fall sick, we take the advice of doctors regarding medication, it is also very important that we consult the doctor before taking the morning-after pill or any other birth control, because if it is done improperly, it could have long term side effects and can be harmful for the health of the girl. It is ideal that
you be careful that no unprotected sex occurs. It is not logical to take the morning-after pill frequently since it must be understood that it is a method of emergency contraception only. It should be taken only during emergencies and with proper consultation of a doctor.

It is very necessary that if you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you discuss it with your parents or a doctor for a proper diagnosis. Something which can be treated should never be kept hidden. Life is beautiful and fun only if you know how to live it. Our teens are one of the most precious stages when we come to know and face life. So don’t waste these precious moments with pain and sadness; while you have fun, remember to stay safe.

 Besides Commonly Known Side-Effects Like Nausea And Headache, The Pill Causes Blurred Vision, Shortness Of Breath, Chest Pains, Severe Abdominal Pains And Irregular Menstrual Periods


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