Saturday, August 13, 2022
Internship Abroad

First Week On The Job

You've landed your dream job, and are about to enter the office on your first day. You can't even begin to describe the feeling - nervous energy mixed with hope and fear. Priyanka Mehra tells you how to get through it all

Video Resumes: Showing Your Face In Today’s Job Search

Suki Shah, The CEO and Co-Founder of, talks about the importance of creating a video resume to really stand out from the crowd


BMM student Aarish Daruwalla talks about his experience as a professional DJ while he mixes music and study When others his age were busy playing...

Right Conduct

Youth Inc tells you how to carry yourself well when you come under the scanner at a job interview So you finally made it to...

How To Invest Money Like A Pension Manager

I know what you’re probably thinking: How to invest money like a pension manager? Why would I do that? Because pension managers win. Among...

Get Noticed!

While a great resume may not always get you hired, supplementing it with a stellar cover letter is a sure-shot way to bag that job .

Writing Faux Pas!

A Genuine selection of funny statements and misprints in resumes!

Ready, Steady, Success!

Maya Daswani, an internationally recognised soft skills and finishing school trainer and CEO of persona power, gives her take on workplace etiquette

Show me the Moolah !

Negotitating your salary is one of the most important steps of your job interview. Get what you deserve with these tips !
workplace insecurities

Fitting Into The Workplace: How To Deal With Workplace Insecurities

A new environment is always unfamiliar and sometimes, the unfamiliarity works against us and develops feelings of insecurities and anxiety in ourselves,...