Thursday, May 19, 2022
student cv

How To Build Your CV As A Student

Apekshit Varshney provides some tips on how to work towards creating an impressive resume while you are still studyingWhat do you think goes a...


Award for Outstanding Contribution to Societal Development Shri Madan Mitra, Minister in Charge, Department of Sports and Transport       Life Time Achievement Award Qasim Ibrahim, Founder, Villa College Prof...
Office Etiquette

Best Foot Forward {Dos and Don’ts of Workplace Etiquette}

Want to chat on facebook at work or eye tango with the pretty receptionist? Youth Inc explores how one can put their best foot forward at work

Applying for A Job K.I.T.

Tanu Van DE Bunte tells you to keep it together when you don't hear back from your Dram Job Waiting to hear back from a...

Leader Managing Horrible Bosses

A bad boss can be more than enough to make your life miserable, and unfortunately, they are not that uncommon. We tell you ways...

LinkedIn Unlimited

Linkedin is the Latest Platform to Provide a Host of Options in One's Career. Jasmine Chabria Explores Linkedin's Treasures Isn’t LinkedIn just about business networking? This...

The Corporate Team Sheet

The office space is filled with multiple personalities working in tandem. To figure out your personality and who you are most likely to succeed...
Internship Abroad

First Week On The Job

You've landed your dream job, and are about to enter the office on your first day. You can't even begin to describe the feeling - nervous energy mixed with hope and fear. Priyanka Mehra tells you how to get through it all

Video Resumes: Showing Your Face In Today’s Job Search

Suki Shah, The CEO and Co-Founder of, talks about the importance of creating a video resume to really stand out from the crowd

Right Conduct

Youth Inc tells you how to carry yourself well when you come under the scanner at a job interview So you finally made it to...