Careers In Social Science: Path To A Sound Understanding Of The Society

Social Science
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We live in a world where different kinds of societies exist. These societies have a lot to them. Traditions, lifestyles, events, functioning, kinds of people, government, etc. A sound understanding of these societies is important if you live in one of them. There are many individuals who invest their life into the betterment of the society and strive to make it a good place to live in. 

Such individuals carry a degree in one of the fields of social science. If you are still confused about what social science is, it is a branch that studies human behavior in relation to the social and cultural aspect of the society. 

Social science is a vast field and offers many career paths to young individuals who feel strongly for the society and for the people living in it. A career in any social science field is worth studying. Let us look at the most prominent careers you can opt for: 

Political Science 

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Those who just can’t stop themselves from reading and watching the news about politics, must definitely choose to pursue a career in Political Science. The study of political science involves studying various political parties, leaders, election statistics, political strategies, political history of a particular country or even the world and how it can impact the modern times. Since politics is an undying part of the modern world, there is a huge demand for political scientists who help not just the media but also the political parties in planning and execution of various strategies. Thus, a career in political science is well paid and also enjoys great reputation. 


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The world runs on two basic things, money and resources. The field of economics surely involves numbers but economists also study the factors behind the numbers. They study the factors that affect the production, sales and distribution of goods, services and resources. Economics involves studying the economy of various sectors and even countries. Economists not just analyse economic situations, but also suggest and propose various solutions to economic problems like inflation, depression, bankruptcy, etc. Economist, after pursuing the required qualifications, can work in the fields of public finance, industrial organisation, labour economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, banks, government agencies, etc. Needless to say, economists are well paid.


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If the physical components of the world like land masses, geographical and political borders, mountains, water bodies, diverse cultural communities occupying different parts of the world, etc interest you, then why not think of becoming a geographer. It is a unique, interesting and not so opted for career in spite of the opportunities it offers. Geographers carry out research about earth. They not just collect data but also analyse it by studying maps, photographs, satellite captured images, etc. Geographers provide their services to majorly those outside the field of social science like government bodies who with the help of geographers frame laws and policies. Those with a degree in geography can work as a cartographer, photo analyst, landscape architect, environmentalist, location analyst, lecturer, conservation officer, etc.    


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The world is a place with about 7 billion people. Imagine studying the thought processes of people. Every single person thinks, acts and feels in a different way. Psychologists with a degree in psychology study human behavior and the thought process of various individuals to help them with issues like depression, stress, anxiety, emotional distress, etc. There are various types of psychologists who specialise in different fields. Some of the most common are clinical psychologists, counsellors, school student’s psychologist, mental therapist, etc. With the increase of population and competition, the behaviors and thought processes of people have changed massively. Thus, there is a high demand for psychologists.

While these were just a few common social science careers worth opting for, there are many other like Archeology, Anthropology, Surveying, Rural & Urban Development, Environmentalist, Social Worker, etc. As compared to STEM, Social Science is a lesser tapped field. You must definitely think of pursuing a career in it.  


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