Bollywood Celebs that have had an Ouch Moment on Social Media

Social Media Trolls
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If social media is bringing the world closer, it is also being used as a medium to mock others. Social Media is a platform where there is an increasing level of anonymity. It thus becomes very difficult to escape from the trolls and mockery, especially for those who are public figures.  Identifying the profiles who initiate the trolls also becomes a task. There have been many Bollywood celebrities who have been trolled over lame reasons for a pathetically extended time. What is commendable however is the how these Bollywood celebs reacted to it.

Alia Bhatt

Social Media Troll
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A statement she made on the coffee couch of Koffee with Karan talk show stirred up a storm of social media trolls, the repercussion of which are still seen on our Facebook feed. People should really get over this one. 

Priyanka Chopra

A woman of such an intelligent stature too couldn’t manage to miss the troll bullet. Be it her costume at the MET gala or her meetings with the country’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, Priyanka has always been on the aim of the ‘anonymous’ trollers. 

Social Media Troll
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Deepika Padukone

Recently when our ‘rani Padmavati’ uploaded a few hot and steamy pictures from one of her photo shoots on her Instagram handle, the internet users showered on her ridiculous and perverted comments. Some also tried to give her ‘sanskar’ lessons. However, we are sure Deepika remains unperturbed by something so stupid. 

Social Media Troll
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Ranveer Singh

Social Media Troll
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While we all know that Ranveer has a very absurd and uncanny fashion style, a picture of his got trolled not for his fashion but for the way he posed. He wasn’t just trolled but also slammed. It is a picture where he is seen posing with the Mumbai police at Umang 2019. 

Aishwarya Rai

Social Media Troll
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Not just the media, but also the social media is being harsh with the actress. What is the reason for this? The love and care for her daughter. Netizens have not just trolled Aishwarya, but haven’t even spared her daughter. Aishwarya has been one of the worst trolled Bollywood celeb. Seriously what is up with people?  

Varun Dhawan

Social Media Troll
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Trolled on his relationship with his girlfriend Natasha Dalal, the actor states that it hurts him the most when he reads nasty things about her, written by people. Why should anyone troll or even comment on anybody else’s dating or personal life? 

While these are just some of the actors whom we usually see getting trolled, there are all the others who too get trolled quite often, on absolutely anything. After lashing out to such trolls, our Bollywood celebs have now learnt how to react and deal with these trolls.  

Reacting to the trolls made on Natasha Dalal and Varun Dhawan, the actor said that people can’t be told where to draw a line. So ignoring trolls and not taking them seriously is all one should do. Alia Bhatt on being asked by the media about how she deals with the trolls, states that, she takes these trolls positive. She said that the fact that people are picking her up to troll, makes her a relevant person. Priyanka Chopra on the other hand believes that trolls should not be given importance as they are just opinions of people who you don’t know and so “who cares about their opinions”. Quiet right. 

Even though the celebs have found out ways to deal with the trolls, we as netizens need to understand one very important thing. There is a vast difference between using celebs for memes and trolling them. Meme is a light joke to which all connect, and let me tell you, our celebs also take it well. However, a troll is an online insult that is mostly personal and nasty. This is unethical and definitely not acceptable. 


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