Some Bizarre in the Bazaar


Fashion is something that everyone loves to explore, but the weirdest form of exploration can lead to some amusing creations which later become trends.

Here we take a look at 7 such ridiculously bizarre fashion trends making rounds in the Bazaar. You may even spot some of the Instagram fashion bloggers sporting some of the madness.

Eye Jewellery

Imagine a piece of metal studded in the cornea of your eyeball, the first thing that comes to your mind would be pain and the menace that it can give. After an assurance from the developers, of there being no harm, still there exists a phobia that will leave you not agreeing to this trends. Developing in Netherlands in the year 2002, the fashion Bizarre has not taken off its heights of publicity cause of this involved danger.


People running to the stores for leggings was not a taboo until men were out of it. Those skinny and skelly leggings have today taken on to the men’s fashion trend. The only difference being that for males it is known as ‘Meggings’. It’s common in fashion capitals like Paris and Tokyo but for other places this could be a point of judgement in isolation. Men, who are expected to be a lot like a man, don’t become less manly by choosing to wear tight and fitting Meggings.

Sagging Pants

The manner of wearing loose pants below your hips, showing off much of your undergarments is the bizarre trend of wearing a sagging pant. The people wearing them usually need to wear boxers or trousers additionally. Wearers of such a trend are known famously as ‘Saggers’. The male youth passionately welcomed the trend since a long time and especially a given among rappers. Though the trend is fading off amongst most of the westerners, it has just some time back gained pace in many countries towards the east.

Elf Boot

This could be an extension of the Indian Maharaja styled boots. The bizarre fashion trend developed in the heart of Mexico, alongside the cowboy attire. These boots are exceptionally peaked-up toward their head, to an extent that these look like elevated slides. The trend of having pointed and shining boots was a part of the Maharaja Culture, which can be said to be extending its veins in the Elf Boot trend. The fun-fact being this was done by guys to impress girls, but became a point of laughter.

Clear Plastic Jeans

What came to be known as the ‘death of pants’, when clear plastic jeans were launched. Holding attention for some time it only made rounds in jokes and discussions, as there was no one willing to buy these. The clear and transparent plastic made all of the flesh obvious and visible, which went against the basic function of clothing. The developers were criticized for their work to an extent that blogs even stating these to be the “(plastic jeans) worst of all times”

Ear Gauges

This trend has actually been around for centuries in the African tribes known as an ear gauge. From pinning a hole, to tunneling it wider, fixing plugs and stretching the circumference of the ear lobe skin the bizarreness of this trend is just astonishing. Most common in western countries, it’s almost an unknown trend in many of the Asian countries. The plugs are a bit expensive but are lasting, the treatment looks difficult but the fashion being bizarre looks attractive.

Mudded Pants

If you are fed-up of wearing clean pants, the mudded jeans serve you to be different. This mudded jeans incept fake mud which makes the jeans look dirty and bizarrely fashionable. If you need to project an image to a rough & tough guy and be rescuedfrom the regular clean looking clothes, break into these dirty looking trendy clothes to show you’re not afraid to get down and dirty.


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