Be a leader with Relead


Leadership programme to build skills in young Indians

Budding leaders will be keen to learn of the Relead programme organised by The Blue Ribbon Movement. The programme aims to equip individuals with the skills which will be required to lead a task force in the future. The programme will be held in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. The programme begins on 29 June and ends on 5 June.

The first half of the programme will be held at IIM Bangalore and the second half will be held at Fireflies Ashram in Bangalore.

The programme will cover a range of disciplines including personal growth, psychology, philosophy, sustainability, ontology, spirituality and management. Different methods of education will also be utilised including speaker sessions, round tables, workshops, theatre, psychometric instruments, art, cases, simulations and reflection.

The programme will aim to strengthen the skills of the person as well as their self belief. It will help the person develop a better understanding of what they are doing and what they want to achieve in their professional sphere. It will sharpen the skills required to be an effective leader. The programme will update the person on the current trends pertaining to leadership skills. Finally, it will help build lifelong connections to help with future projects and endeavours.

A few dignitaries will be present for the sessions at Relead. These will include Abhishek Thakore (Co-founder of The Blue Ribbon Movement), Syed Sultan Ahmed (Managing Director of Edumedia), Jithin C Nedumala (CEO of Make a Difference) and Ranjan Malik (Director of Erehwon).

The registration fee for the programme is Rs. 25,000. It will cover the programme tuition, accommodation costs for 5 nights stay at the venue, costs of all meals, local transportation costs and charges for programme materials. On completion, a certificate will be provided as well as enrolment for a 1 year follow up programme which will consist of an online conference every 3 months.

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