8 Legit Ways To Earn Money From The Comfort Of Your Homes

money from home

Most earn from home money making schemes may be fraudulent, and may take away more money than they give. Sometimes though, there are many innovative ways of providing secondary income from being at home and working out of your couch.

Whether you’re a busy mother or a student who wants to make more income, you can earn money through various channels. You can start slow and then expand your learning in each of these options slowly. A good way to remember to avoid any possible scams is to never pay any upfront costs, and only share payment details after vetting the company for all Google searches.

Sometimes the smallest steps to achieving your financial dreams, comes from taking advantage of hard-work at home!

#1 Online surveys

Online surveys may have received a lot of flak from internet sleuths, but there are still many companies like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Inbox Dollars, etc. that provide real money for real survey answers. These companies then sell that data to marketing agencies who create strategies to target consumers better. Surveys may range from household chores, duties, spending habits, etc to gain a better perspective on how consumers think. You will need a PayPal account and some free-uninterrupted time, as these surveys can become very complicated and go on for hours.

#2 Create a blog

A blog is the fastest way to create incremental revenue for yourself and your brand. You can easily create a WordPress blog with free plugins that give you great SEO mileage. You can rank higher on search queries, and create great pieces that help others out. Blogs run on Google AdSense, which give bloggers a CPM or CPC rate depending on the niche that they’re in. There are also ways to get sponsored posts, and gifts from brands that might want to work with your blog directly. Creating a blog is a great way to earn money from making a few posts a day!

#3 Test websites 

This is a great way to earn money while being at home during the week or weekends. You can quickly earn a lot of money while giving feedback on websites and test apps for its performance. Services like UserTesting, Userlytics, and TrymyUI help home-dwellers to create income beyond the 9-5 job. You need a good microphone and home screen recorder to record your experience and be good at communicating in English.

#4 Virtual Assistant

Websites like Freelancer and Upwork, offer many ways to become a virtual assistant for entrepreneurs living across the globe. You can do common chores, send emails, and create new connections for business development under your VA assignment. You can easily set a price point, a single destination for payment and an hourly checklist of the things to do. Being a VA has never been easier and it’s a great way to make recurring daily income.

#5 Tutoring

Students and homemakers who have had degrees in sciences or languages can earn a lot of money at home, giving tuition classes to kids and teenagers. There is unlimited opportunity in this space, as there are so many kids who want to take tuition classes. Most classes are overbooked and a teacher with a caring attitude can make a lot of money becoming a tutor to kids. You need to refresh your knowledge in the domain that you are approaching and can make long-term money via tutoring in India.

#6 Data Entry

You can pick up a lot of data-entry jobs online, which help you create a lot of money on an hourly basis. Although the pay may be lower per-data set, the overall payout is immense. It revolves around hard work and long hours, but many Indians are working from home on data-entry jobs around the clock. It’s a singular task that is easily replicable, and has become the premier choice for Indians to do.

#7 SEO, Social Media

If you love social media and are good at it, then you can approach bloggers and small pages to manage their pages from home. You can easily earn a lot of money for sharing your knowledge and you can create a lot of value for pages that lack a “social nature”. This requires that you be active and social, and SEO savvy as well!

#8 Transcription Services

There are many online services and Facebook groups that connect transcriptors to clients. All you need to do is to listen to a lot of videos and write them word for word in a particular language. It’s a great way to learn something new daily and sharpen your listening skills. You can earn an hourly rate, or charge per minute of video conversion, all without leaving the comfort of your home!


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