8 Perfect Signs That Prove You Are A Social Media Addict

Social Media Addict
Image Credits: Hindustan Times

Sharing, uploading, commenting, liking, double tapping, reacting, and tagging has become an ongoing everyday activity. From the time we open our eyes in the morning until the time we shut them, we are constantly scrolling through the phone. 
Some find it nearly impossible to put down their phones. They are stuck to their phones like a magnet. We commonly recognise them as social media addict. The level of the extremity is such that they can go days without food but can’t even survive for an hour without social media!

Do you feel you are one of them? 

Scroll to find out

1.You start your morning with social media

Social Media Addict
Image Credits: Tenor

This is one thing that every social media addict does. 

You have just opened your eyes and stretched, and the next thing you do is take your phone in hand just to check your social media handles. You don’t just check your WhatsApp notifications but also your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and every other social media app that you have an account on.

2. A place without wifi and internet connectivity is a haunted place for you

Social Media Addict
Image Credits: Gfycat

Now by chance, if you visit a place that has absolutely no internet connectivity, there are chances that you might die of suffocation. For any social media addict, this is like the worst nightmare coming to life.

3. You spend maximum hours of your day watching and liking absolute nonsense

Social Media Addict
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You are so addicted, you might even ‘like, share and comment’ on a plain black image. There is so much crap on the internet that you don’t realise you have started liking. 

4. You hear imaginary notification sounds if you keep your phone down for more than 5 minutes 

Social Media Addict
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You constantly feel like you are getting notifications even if you are not. You get into a habit of pressing your home button after every minute. Even if you don’t get any notification, you will end up unlocking your phone and waste another 4-5 hours watching crap. 

5. You are always the first one to like and comment on people’s post

Social Media Addict
Image Credits: Onedio

Yours is the first like people see the moment they share anything on their feed. That’s how fast you have become!

6. You start feeling uneasy when you don’t upload anything even for a day

Image Credits: Tenor

If not a picture of yours, you at least have to put up one story, be it sharing someone else’s post or meme. If not that, you have to tag and comment on the posts. Whatever it might be, you just have to post. 

7. The number of likes and followers is a matter of life and death for you

Image Credits: Odyssey

Having no friends in real life is absolutely okay, but you have to have friends online. Duh!

8.  With social media on your side, you need no one else in life

Image Credits: Tenor

A social media addict will always have an “I don’t need anyone” attitude towards everyone for no reason at all. You will stop interacting with friends and family because obviously, you have found your soulmate.

If you have ticked off all the above signs, you should seriously do a social media detox before it gets too much. 


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