8 Lifestyle Changes For People To Deal With Migraine Successfully

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Around 91 percent miss work or can’t function normally during a migraine attack, more than 80 percent reported of experiencing light sensitivity due to migraine,70 percent of all migraine sufferers are women and almost half of all migraine sufferers have not been diagnosed properly.

Migraine, often misunderstood as a tension headache or just another kind of headache, is actually a genetic neurologic disease. It is a painful experience and to avoid a part of it, people with migraine can start making some required lifestyle changes. Down below is a list of 10 changes that one can make in their daily lives. 

1.    Sleep well

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One should never compromise with sleep hygiene. It is important that you turn off all sources of light before going to bed in order to avoid the release of melatonin (responsible for painful headache). Un-tying of hair, use of soft pillows, and noise free room are other ways to sleep comfortably. Try to be consistent with your sleep pattern and avoid taking naps during the day.

2.    Learn mindfulness

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You should invest your time in learning mindfulness to lessen the pain and avoid associated symptoms of migraines. Yoga classes, meditation tutorials and mindfulness apps like Headspace and Buddhify are some of the ways to start your mindful journey.

3.    Use Essential Oils

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A blend of lavender and peppermint oils can be applied on the head and the neck to ease down the pulsating headache. Rosemary oil, Chamomile essential oil and eucalyptus essential oils can also be applied along with coconut oils in the required areas.

4.    Drink more water

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If you are experiencing Migraine, it is important that you at least drink two litres of water every day. Dehydration is a common migraine trigger and a nutrient like water can help you avoid loss of blood and oxygen in the brain.

5.    Manage the stress

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Stress can be emotional, physical or mental and people can react to with anger or crying. For a person with migraine, this process can get more stressful. Whether it is your favourite music playlist or your favourite place that you love to visit with your friends, divert your mind from triggering situations and go relax a bit.

6.    Make food decisions

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Scientifically, certain food items can trigger migraine in some people. Food like processed meat that leads to inflammation should be consumed in a limit. Cheese, Alcohol, Caffeine and Chocolate are also some common food triggers. Moreover, one should try not to skip meals, especially breakfasts.

7.    Exercise regularly

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One of the obvious lifestyle decisions that people with or without migraine should make is to start exercising regularly. Cycling, walking and swimming are some ways to stay fit. Deep breathing and stretching exercises can also help lessen the pain.

8.    Find a good doctor

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Always make sure to get yourself checked by a doctor that is specialized in the treatment of migraines. One that provides you with accurate information and medication. Some doctors that can be of help are – Neurologists, Ophthalmologists and Paediatric headache specialists.

You did not choose Migraine but you can definitely choose to make yourself feel better by making these lifestyle changes. Moreover, all of these lifestyle changes have been helpful to quite many people with migraines. See if it works for you as well.


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