5 Skills You Can Learn By Just Watching YouTube Videos

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YouTube as a medium has evolved massively over the years. From being a source of entertainment, it has now also become a platform where one can learn an nth number of skills and activities. Besides, in spite of the birth of e-learning websites, many prefer to learn skills and courses by watching YouTube videos. The prime reason for it is that is free and also easily accessible. While many specialized courses may require you to sign up for well-structured e-learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and Unacademy, learning some skills just requires interest and dedication. 

Since the entire nation is on lockdown, you can utilize this free time by learning and developing new skills just by watching YouTube videos, if you are unwilling to buy a course online. Given below is a list of skills from which you can pick any of the skills that interest you and begin watching its YouTube videos right now!

New/Foreign Language 

Speaking in French or Spanish brings a whole new vibe out of a person. Don’t you want to be that person? YouTube is home to a wide variety of such foreign language tutorials that enables you to learn a foreign language of your choice in the easiest way. You can learn any language right from regional languages like Marathi, Urdu, Malayalam or learn foreign languages like Mandarin, Spanish, German, French, etc. You can hit the below links and begin learning.


This is the best time to explore the chef in you. Bring out your chef hats and hit any cooking YouTube videos to get started. Sure, there are are many videos that have easy to cook recipes, but maybe now you can take a higher step and try your hands at preparing some good meals. Let’s face it, if not now, then sometime in the future, you will have to cook for yourself. So why not prepare for it now. Head to these links to learn cooking: 


Aaah! We all have this strong urge to get all Instagramy don’t we? In this digital age, visuals have started speaking louder than words. If you have always wanted to click some real eye appealing pictures and know the techniques behind clicking them, now is the time. Just take out your cameras/phones and get started. Learn how to click photographs here: 

Website Building 

The art of building a website today has gained a favorable response from the youth. Many today wish to learn this art. A website is like the face of a company/popular personality. Today, not just a company, but almost all who wish to display their work, talent and art have a website of their own, and it is the website developers and designers who help them build it.  If you are looking at learning website development as a serious career option then you may want to go with a course that offers a certificate, but if you intend on building a website for yourself, or your friends, then you must use this time to learn the basics of it by watching some good YouTube Videos  

Self Defence Techniques 

Firstly, self-defense is not just for women. Men too must know the basics of self-defense. It helps you protect yourself and also someone in need of help. We often come across news reporting a group of goons attacking the vulnerable. Learning basic self-defense thus can go a long way in protecting ourselves from unforeseen threats. Below are the links where you can learn the basic techniques of self-defence. 

Now pick what interests you the most, and without wasting any more time, get started to learn something new! 


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