5 Major Aspects You Shouldn’t Overlook In A Relationship


Being in a relationship is certainly beautiful, but it’s the deal-breakers that can make it tough to stay. Here we identify five such major ‘deal-breakers’ that either mean it’s time to have ‘the talk’ with your partner or that you should pack your bags and leave –


We all have been lied to at some point in our lives, probably even by your own partner, and it certainly isn’t pleasant. Trust is the foundation of any kind of relationship and is also why it shouldn’t be overlooked. If your partner is a ‘serial’ liar, then you know it’s time to take more serious actions. Have an honest talk with your partner, and if they still continue doing the same, it’s probably time to show them the door. However, do not over-react to harmless lies, as it almost never poses a significant threat to a relationship.

Over possessiveness

Possessiveness is only natural when you’re with someone you love, but can be a deal breaker when it goes over the top. Over possessiveness arises when your partner doesn’t let you talk to someone from the opposite sex or simply be in their presence. Remember – you’re a human being not someone’s property.


Sure every relationship comes with its own set of ups and downs, but if the downs outweigh the ups, there’s certainly a serious problem at hand. You can’t be fighting all the time, as both of you have lives to lead and fights can be emotionally consuming. Another problem to watch out for is conflict resolving. If you and your partner cannot reach a mutual understanding or are constantly ‘breaking up’ over it, it’s time to let go.

Physical abuse

You may love your partner more than anything that’s ever walked the earth but physical abuse is the biggest red flag there is in a relationship. If your partner happens to hit you out of sheer anger in the heat of the moment, you may probably happen to forgive them. But if it’s a perpetual habit, you may want to run while you can. If things get too out of hand, it’s best to tell someone about it so necessary action can be taken.


It may hardly seem like an issue but if your partner isn’t making time for you, it’s best you save your own time rather than wait around for them. If they’re constantly making excuses to spend time with you or if they seem disinterested when you are together, have a serious talk about it with them and figure out if the two of you are on the same page.


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