5 Important Mac Apps For College Students In 2020

Mac Apps
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Only you know how much information you have to keep during your studies. Those are not only photos, favorite songs, or videos. Those are loads if crucial information such as projects, papers, and might be even the latest draft of your term work or dissertation thesis.

It is such a pain when it gets lost or deleted. If you have ever had such a problem, you know that apps for mac are usually not free. While it was pretty complicated to find something useful for Mac, now, options are available. Your task is to choose the right tool and to find out how to use it.

If you want to recover deleted files on Mac at no cost, with software which functionality isn’t worse than the one of any paid suit, you can try to find something from the list of best data recovery tools in 2020. All of them are worth your attention.

1. Disk Drill

Mac apps

This tool, Disk Drill Mac data recovery software is your option if you value functionality and simplicity in use. With the free version, you get an opportunity to recover the data that was deleted from your mac completely. Make sure though you don’t overwrite it, other than that the success is almost guaranteed.

The tool works with files at the partitions level. Thus, you can count on success even in the most hopeless cases.

The good news is that the tool works not only with file recovery. Even its free version is filled with different tools that will be of use for specialists working with data and for home use. With it, you can even find file duplicates and remove them.

2. PhotoRec

This is one of known versions of software for mac, and despite the name, it works with documents, too, not only with photos! With it, you can recover an impressive range of files in all the main formats. External devices are supported, too. The software is completely open-source thus, it is not just free, its code is available to the public. It means you can check it and even contribute to its improvement.

3. MiniTool

This tool offers four recovery modes. You can choose one depending on the recovery type you want. You might opt for the removed files recovery,files with lost or damaged partitions, or even recovery from a portable device. All these features are available at no cost.

4. Softtote

This Mac software offers recovery opportunities from any hard drives. This data recovery software for Mac is among those that isn’t among famous ones. It is pretty functional, but the number of supported files can be bigger indeed. Though for you as a student this might be not crucial.

5. Recuva

This is one of the most known recovery software options. Now, you can use it for Mac, too. It is safe, non-destructive to data, and easy-to-use. It works with a good number of formats. While the tool supports all main external devices, too, it doesn’t work with CD/DVD.

The volume of data to recover is limited. Thus, this tool is good for a student but if you are going to open a business, you might need to look for other options.

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Our Verdict

mac apps

If we had to choose a mac recovery tool, we would opt for Disk Drill. The reasons are evident. The tool is free, all the main features are offered at no cost. The functionality even of a free version is breath-taking. The software is very easy-to-use. For a student, it is just a perfect option.


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