5 Healthy Habits To Adopt For Making 2021 A Year Of Fulfillment

healthy habits
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Life went out of track in 2020 with no fixed routine left of anything. We began waking up late, eating late, and going to bed late. The concept of exercising was altogether forgotten and bing-eating and watching were at an all-time high. Consequently, all the healthy habits that we had taken years to develop, were easily shed off in just a matter of 9-10 months. 

With things getting back to normal gradually, it’s time for our old good habits to wake up or for new and healthy ones to make their way into our lives. The healthy habits that I have listed down below will not just help you get back on your toes, but will also make your 2021 a productive year. 


Out of the many healthy habits, this is one I cannot stress enough on. Sure beverages like coffee and tea do wake the brains up and get you started with all the pending work, but I doubt it befriends your body as water does. Staying hydrated is key to have good gut health. It helps flush out toxins, rejuvenates the mind, smoothens bowel movements, keeps the kidneys in good health, improves blood circulation, keeps acne and other skin related issues at bay, leading to maintaining the overall health of the body. You must consume at least 4 liters of water everyday. Avoid drinking too much water an hour before and after eating a meal and right before going to bed. 

Social Media Detox

There was a sudden outbreak of digital and internet use with everything outside our homes on lockdown. We have spent almost a year viewing Dalgona coffee and cakes on people’s Instagram stories and honestly, we have had enough. Moreover, the video calls with relatives, cousins and friends too are getting exhaustive now. We have got so addicted to our phones and other devices that our brains have stopped recognising the fact that we can do something else too that doesn’t involve gadgets. It’s time we disconnect to connect with ourselves and rediscover ourselves in a fresh way. Invest your time reading a book, helping mom pick up items from the grocery store or revisit memories with your father on a Sunday afternoon. 

4 Healthy Meals A Day 

Skipping meals is the worst thing to do to yourself. You must have 4 meals a day with a gap of 4-5 hours between each meal. You must have a filling breakfast before 11 am and lunch before 3 pm. This should be followed by evening snacks where you can have mixed nuts, bowl of salad or fruits, ragi chips or healthy bhel. Make sure to have something light for dinner as well that is easy to digest. Dinner must be had before 9:30 pm so that there is enough time left for the food digest before you go off to sleep. This will keep indigestion away and will make you feel healthy and fresh throughout the day. 

8 Uncompromised Hours Of Sleep

A sufficient amount of sleep is the magic tonic that everyone needs to lead a healthy life. Lack of sleep makes one lousy, lethargic, and leads to a loss of energy and motivation to take any task to fruition. 8 hours of sleep can work wonders in boosting your productivity. Sleep the food your mind needs to function well. If you do not give it enough sleep, it won’t give you the cognitive energy that you need to complete your tasks. 

Work-Life Balance 

Overworking leads to physical as well as mental burnout. Don’t forget to cut off from work from time to time to rejuvenate your mind. Invest heavily in any kind of physical activity as well, because that too goes a long way in boosting productivity and keeping you fit and healthy. Excess of either is harmful. Thus it’s essential to strike a balance between work and life. 

A shift from all the habits you have picked up recently to these mentioned healthy habits will take time, but just one step in their direction will go a long way in making 2021 a year you wanted 2020 to be.


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