5 Comedy Videos that Indians can totally relate to


Having a bad day? Or bored as hell? Let me introduce you these stand up comedians who’ll make your day with their comedy

1. Remember your teacher asked you to draw scenery in 2nd grade and you made two

mountains with sun peeping out of them and a river? You do. Here’s Biswa Kalyan Rath

making you nostalgic

2. Played musical chair? You have. And convinced your friends that you didn’t eat their dabba

by saying ‘mummy swear’. Watch Kanan Gill bringing it all back

3. Beauty products are driving us crazy. AND with new ‘men’ stuff in market…I swear my older brother owns more products than I do. Neeti Palta putting it for us.


4. Here’s an ‘awnest’ video of Kenny Sebastian figuring out parents’ problems. Seriously, why

do moms have to clean TV when we’re watching it? Maybe one of those #JustMomThings

5. Women can multitask, man! Here’s Abish Mathew’s on What women think during sex.



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