4 Ways Lockdown Has Changed Our Home Lives

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Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

The past year we’ve spent a lot more times in our home than we’re used to. From makeshift office spaces to virtual hang out with friends, so much has happened under the same roof. In fact, there have been so many changes over the few months, we decided to see how people’s home lives have differed since the start of the pandemic. 


You are not alone if you’ve noticed you’ve been having strange dreams this year. Especially if you’ve been dreaming about work more. According to flyer and leaflet instantprint, 4 out of 5 people surveyed visited the workplace in their dreams. The printing company surveyed 1,000 office workers. There was a lot of variety with all of these dreams, from feeling underprepared for a task to a dog being the manager. Dreaming about the office more makes sense, as there has been such an overlap in work and home life this year. 


Are you one of the 17 million Brits that now have a pet at home? During lockdown, the number of pet owners drastically rose. 3.2 million households got a pet during the pandemic. Dogs and cats were the firm favourites, to the point where some supermarkets had a shortage of pet food due to the increase in demand. Training a new pet takes a lot of work, but 74% of people said that having an animal in the house helped them with their mental health. 


It’s easy to remember that this time last year, banana bread and sourdough starters were all over social media. However, what started off as a way to pass the time for some became a new way of life for others. Brits across the country are spending much more time in the kitchen. 74% of people are using cooking as the new commute. It’s a way to separate your home and work life. 

Feeling Connected

Despite the fact that restrictions meant you couldn’t see your loved ones in person, people felt more connected this year. Technology played such an important part in keeping the nation in touch. Video chats, online activities, or even just a simple phone call helped people of all ages to feel better during this past year. 

This year has impacted everyone differently. The main thing is that you’re getting through it in whatever way you can. How has your home life changed since the start of the pandemic? 


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