15 Essential Tips to Improve Your Health While Working at the Office


You’re trying to start a 100% healthy lifestyle, but you don’t see how that would work in the office? Everyone is having more coffee than they should. Someone always remembers to bring croissants for breakfast, and you don’t want to appear snobbish so you just take it and eat it.

How can you lead a healthy lifestyle when you’re spending eight hours in front of the computer? We’ll give you 15 tips that prove it’s possible to improve your health without the need to leave your office job.

Drink Tons of Water

Marcella Rogers, a writer for Essay Geeks, shares her experience: “I work eight hours in front of the computer, so I try to have at least six glasses of water throughout that period. When I’m hydrated, I feel full and my mind doesn’t trick me into thinking I’m hungry when I’m not.”

Do not drink Coca Cola or anything else that comes in a can. Make plenty of trips to the office water dispensers. In addition, you can eat watermelon, melon, cucumbers, and other fruits or veggies that contain a lot of water.

Avoid Working Overtime Too Frequently

If you’re constantly working long hours, something is wrong. You should talk to your boss and explain that this workload is too heavy for the normal office hours. If you keep working overtime, you’ll soon get to the point of burnout, which will affect not only your productivity but your health as well.

Eat Your Breakfast

Having fruit for breakfast will give you the energy (and sugar) you need. When someone gets into the office with croissants, you’ll resist the temptation to have one. You’ll be providing better food for your body.

Eat a Healthy Lunch

The lunch is usually the part where office workers slip. They order fast food or get something from the supermarket. You don’t want to do that. If you’re ordering, get some salmon or lean meat, accompanied with tons of salad.

Handle the Restaurants Like a Champ

All restaurants serve salad! Even when you think there are no healthy options in the menu, there are. You just need to look at the dishes with greater attention. When you’re at a restaurant with your colleagues, you can still have a healthy meal.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

If you’re working on a computer, get lenses with anti-reflective coating. Keep the computer screen an arm’s length away. Look away from time to time, and take frequent short breaks.


Get up early and exercise before you go to work. You can even do some stretches in the office. Don’t worry; you won’t look weird. Just stretch while sitting on your chair.

Skip the Snacks

You know those snacks that everybody leaves on their desk and invites you to help yourself when you pass by? Just say no. Learning how to say no is the first step towards commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Sit With a Straight Spine

When you’re in the same seated position for hours, it will have its effects on your back. You can prevent that from happening if you seat in a proper position with a straight spine.

Take Your Vacations

Even if it’s just for a weekend in a nearby town, take the opportunity to rest. Vacation is not only a worker’s right; it’s also a necessity. It reduces stress and keeps your psychological health fit.

Keep Your Hands Clean

The phone, the computer keyboard, the door handles, people’s hands… Germs are everywhere, so you have to wash your hands frequently. Keep your desk clean, too!

Take Your Vitamins

When someone has a cold, they rarely take the day off. They come into the office and spread the cold around. You have to take your vitamins to boost your immunity, especially during winter.

One Cup of Coffee Is OK

One cup of coffee is not too bad. If you need it to boost your focus, take it. However, it’s important to avoid sugar and limit your coffee intake to one per day. It’s enough.

Open the Window

Do you ever feel like your office lacks fresh air? Well, do something about it! Open the window to freshen up the space. You may even get out for a walk, so you’ll really get some fresh air during the break.

Adjust the Lighting

Bad lighting can give you headaches. If possible, sit close to the window to get more sunlight. If that’s not an option, get a blue-enriched light bulb for your space. Scientists proved that blue-enriched lighting diminishes depressive symptoms.


  1. Flu


    Illness at the offices

    Every article written misses one big germ spreading fact, things float in air, (even dead skin cells) they land on all surfaces, look around you, see any drinking containers with an open top, any straws sticking up, a sippy lid on a coffee cup, well they all have germs landing on and In the containers.

    The best way to avoid other peoples germs is use your own drink container and put a lid on it both when using and not.

    Bob Ebitz
    PS: now we are being advised to wear a face mask to prevent breathing in germs, but still the open drink container is their ???


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