14 Sweet Spring Wedding Ideas For An Outdoor Celebration

spring wedding ideas
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A spring wedding is one that comes with so much inspiration and wedding ideas for spring. Sometimes it is difficult to choose which one to use and which to drop. While fall wedding ideas might be fun, spring brings with it more bursts of color and gorgeous floral detailing. It’s a season of change and of pastel colors. It is so easy to get inspired by the season.

Spring is also a good time to think outdoor wedding ideas. Enjoy nature and everything that comes alive in this season. Whether your having an April or May wedding, does little to change the effects of a spring wedding theme on you and your loved ones. So, decide to enjoy your wedding by embracing the season. Have a look at our wedding theme ideas for spring that will add vibrance and joy to your special day. 

1. Floral Invitations

Introduce your spring wedding theme with flower print invitations. Your wedding stationery might as well set the tone for your big day. And it’s one of our outstanding and yet simple wedding ideas for spring. Complete it with a pink flower print wedding invitations envelope for an in season invite. 

2. In-Season Blooms

Your bouquet and spring wedding decorations would be incomplete without springtime blooms. Consider beauties like lilies of the valley, roses, lavender, peonies and tulips. With shades of purple, pink, green and white, you are sure to have a beautiful and sweet-smelling background that is exquisitely spring. 

3. Consider a Sundress or Floral Frock

Wearing a floral printed dress is another way to embrace a spring wedding theme. If you’re looking to break the all-white tradition, then here is an opportunity to, and with good reason. Get into the spirit of the season and do not leave your bridesmaids out. 

4. Boutonnieres

The guys should not be left out either. Give them pink or white rose boutonnieres, depending on the preference. Include them in the overall floral look and celebrate altogether the beauty of a possibly, outdoor spring wedding

5. Adorable Baskets for Flower Girls

Give your flower girls pretty wicker baskets to hold their confetti or better still, flower petals. These cute woven baskets are a great addition for a spring theme. And your girls will look cute in little white or pink dresses, also to match the theme. 

6. Fresh Signature Cocktails

Try not to leave your drinks out of your wedding themes ideas for spring. If you’re having an alfresco wedding then consider adding a cocktail hour to your outdoor wedding ideas for spring. Aside fun and tasty cocktail mixes, you can add edible flowers inside of the ice cubes, along with other such ideas as cute sprig garnishes. 

7. A Floral Arch

A floral arch is a great idea not just for a spring wedding theme, but for fantastic wedding photos. Using this as a colourful entryway and backdrop, can add a major element to your wedding decorations. This sweet smelling décor, can become the focal point for your celebration.

Bride and groom kissing under a floral decorated entryway

8. Do it Alfresco

Whether you’re having a May wedding, or need April weddings ideas, springtime is always a great time for an outdoor wedding. Embrace nature and the natural décor of your chosen venue, and you are sure to come up with a warm, fresh smelling and colourful space for your big day. 

9. Serve Snacks

Give your guests edible party favors or have a snack bar of tasty treats and refreshing beverages. From fresh popcorn to iced tea and lemonade your guests will absolutely love. 

10. Floral Swings

You could set up swing sets with floral handles for a fun cocktail hour. Apart from awakening their inner children, this will also work as an adorable photo op. 

11. Use Garden Furniture

Consider garden furniture for your spring wedding. If you every dreamed of a fairytale garden wedding, then this is your chance. White chairs, benches, topiary plants, a floral chandelier and a sailcloth tent, are all items that can all help in creating this springtime wedding dream.

12. Floral Plates

Floral plates are another great feature of spring. A floral plate table setting is reminiscent of springtime picnics and time spent with our loved ones. With pretty pastel hues and cute roses, vintage, springtime China this type of table setting will bring with it all the looks of the season. 

spring wedding ideas
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13. Consider a Seasonal Menu

A lot of fun fruits and veggies are in season in the springtime. Incorporating such colourful goodness into your menu is something else to add to wedding themes for spring. Bowls of fresh oranges and strawberries can make delightful centrepieces for an outdoor wedding. 

14. Decorate the Dance Floor

Last on our list of wedding ideas for spring, is the dancefloor. Give your outdoor dancefloor a springtime look with a breath taking floral design. Completely embrace the season with a floral illustration, or create the look with some fun decal. 

Spring is a wonderful time to hold a wedding. And with these wedding ideas for spring, you will be more than inspired to create your wedding theme after this spectacular season.


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