Mumbaikars Stepped Up For ”Zumbaing” With Yami Gautam and International Icon Gina Grant

Zumba Party

A Zumba party organized by Zumba® for all the enthusiasts completely charged the atmosphere at the National Sports Club of India, on 15th March, 2019. Mumbaikars had the time of their life that night while grooving on the beats of energetic music. The energy of people gathered there, doubled when Gina Grant, an International Zumba Icon from Portland and our very own Yami Gautam, actress of the film Uri graced the event with their presence.

The event became a memorable one as Yami Gautam along with Gina Grant danced on the beats of Badshah’s ‘Mercy’ song. Gina Grant conducted a 90 minutes masterclass for all the Zumba lovers who tirelessly followed her with great energy. To join her on stage were the Zumba® presenter Maria Browning and India’s Global Ambassador for Zumba® Sucheta Pal.

Zumba Party
Zumba Party

Yami Gautam attended the event to promote this fun filled unique form of exercise. When asked, she stated that she was happy to have got the chance to promote a fitness program such as Zumba. She said that she has inculcated it into her life and thoroughly enjoys this fun combination of dance and fitness. She says it helps her break the monotony of the normal gyming and workout sessions and helps her stay upbeat.

Zumba Party

While addressing the crowd, Gina Grant stated that she was glad to visit India and especially the Zumba session. She also said that she was overwhelmed on seeing the mad level of excitement of all the Mumbaikars present at the party.

The premise was filled with Zumba enthusiasts dressed in neon workout attire, which added to the fun and crazy element of the party. The entire premise apart from the bright smiles was glowing with florescent shades of green, pink, blue, and yellow.

Not just their attire, but the force with which they danced to the beats of the blasting music and the loud cheers that filled the air, did complete justice to the party.


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