YouTube’s funniest comedians


ROFL at videos from five of Youth Inc’s favourite YouTube comedians

Jenna Marbles

From sketches to rants and guest appearances by her two dogs – Kermit and Marbles, Jenna’s videos are sure to tickle your funny bone.

Best video- What Disney movies taught me


Probably one of the most popular Indo-Canadian YouTuber’s, Lily Singh aka Superwoman, has an opinion about everything. Side note- Most of her sketches are influenced by her Indian heritage that she takes pride in.

Best video-My parents reacting to YouTube comments 

The Fine Bros

This duo popularity stems from their unique comedic style – videos of elders, teens and kids reacting to racy music videos, Hollywood movies and new gadget releases. You have to watch their videos to figure why we love them.

Best video- Teens react to Anaconda video

Kanan Gill

This is Youth Inc’s favourite destination for everything funny. Don’t miss Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath’s honest-to-death reviews of some of the worst Bollywood movies.

Best video- Most Exercise Ever- Prem Agaan Review

All India Backchod

5 of India’s funniest new-age comedians collectively create videos revolving around politics, current issues and yes, Alia Bhatt.

Best Video- Alia Bhatt- Genius of the year 


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