YO! China Cafe, New Delhi (Rs. 400 per person)


CUISINE: True to its name, the Yo! China Café serves delectable Chinese cuisine which its chain of restaurants is well known for. It also has few items of Oriental cuisine for those who appreciate options. The menu serves varieties in appetizers, mains, desserts and drinks.
AMBIENCE: The restaurant has a glass wall which faces a food court and has a large illuminated sign that makes the restaurant very easy to spot. With the ample lighting and use of glass, the restaurant has the appearance of being bigger than it actually is which is comforting.
FOOD AND DRINKS: The food varieties range from their unique Ramen style, which is a bowl of noodles in soup, to their Yo! Bowl Meals, which are noodle meals with different sauces and sides. They also offer other soups, dimsums and appetizers. There are quite a few options in the drinks menu with mocktails, shakes, sangrias, martinis and more.
SERVICE: The service isn’t a standout. It is average at best.
PRICE: The restaurant is affordable. A meal for two would amount between Rs. 800 and Rs. 1,000 based on the choices for the meal.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: The restaurant is a good choice for those who enjoy Chinese cuisine and enjoy a variety of choices of their meal. At the least, a single visit will be suited for anyone to form an opinion about whether to visit again and how many times. 2nd Floor, DLF Mall, Saket, New Delhi
-Adhiraj Sood


Volume 2 Issue 7



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