Yantra – The Mystic Fair


Does the art of predicting the future enthrall you ? Do you want to learn the various forms of divination? Get the secrets behind Tarot card reading, crystal ball gazing and other mystic forms of astrology at Yantra- The Mystic Fair.

Yantra has been organized to give its attendees an insider look on how astrology systems work and how they can uplift the quality of your life and give you an insight into the solution of your problems, whether they belong to the realm of are career, relationship or finance related queries. Additionally different kinds of readings such as : numerology, angel cards, psychometry , runes and hand writing analysis shall also be conducted and attendees can book consultations online.

The fair will feature also feature an array of workshop sessions such as Taichi Healing Sounds, Drawing Analysis, Terrarium, Candle Magic, Urban Gardening and more through the duration of the fair. The evenings at the fair will feature book readings and musical performances along with a selection of short films.Yantra - The Mystic Fair - Poster

Yantra the Mystic Fair will be held at Sea Palace Hotel, Colaba on the 11th and 12th of October from 10 am to 10pm.


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