Wordzone – March 2014


Choose the option that is closest in meaning to the main word and complete the sentence.



1. fascinating (fas-uh-ney-ting)
Visitors at the Yosemite National Park often remark that its human history is as ____ as its geologic history.
(a) dreary (b) enchanting (c) motivating

2. engaging (en-gey-jing)
The newly elected mayor charmed the audience not only with his intellectual prowess but also with his ____ personality.
(a) appealing (b) unpleasant (c) compromising

3. stimulating (stim-yuh-ley-ting)
____ discussions enable students to develop their reasoning and communication skills.
(a) thought-provoking (b) banal (c) humorous

4. absorbing (ab-sawr-bing)
The Bedouins who live in the Sahara Desert have devised _____ strategies to find water.
(a) simple (b) complicated (c) intriguing

5. engrossing (en-groh-sing)
Even though the film had scathing reviews, it had many ____ aspects.
(a) harsh (b) complementary (c) captivating

Replacing clichés

A cliché (klee-shey) is a word or phrase that has lost its original, powerful meaning because of social overuse.
Most words, once regarded as striking, are now considered clichéd as they have lost their force through excessive use. Here are a few alternatives to one such word. Can you guess that word? ‘Interesting!’ isn’t it?

1. B, 2. A, 3. A, 4. C, 5. C

Word Pyramid
The clues will help you find the answers to complete the word pyramid. Each answer must contain the previous answer. You may arrange the words with a new letter. Hint: Start from the top

1. The plural of man
2. What is said at the end of a prayer
3. To alter or modify
4. An over in which no runs are scored
5. The third tone of a major or minor musical scale
6. A medicinal substance
7. Another word for a beggar



Volume 3 Issue 9


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