Wordzone – December 2013


Professions with quirky names
Did you know that a hat maker is also called a hatter? Well, if you think that’s quirky, let’s see what you have to say about these professions



Choose the option that is closest in meaning to the main word and complete the sentence.

1. Cruciverbalist (kroo-suh-vur-buh-list)
It is imperative for a _____ to have an exhaustive vocabulary and the ability to frame appropriate clues of different levels of difficulty.
(a) maker of glass (b) maker of crosswords (c) maker of medicines

2. Gaffer (gaf-er)
A trip to Italy is incomplete without a visit to Murano to see the ______ create works of art by directing air through hot molten glass, shaping it into sculptures or vases.
(a) glassblower (b) florist (c) lawyer

3. Sommelier (suhm-uh-l-yey)
Confused about ordering the wine, the couple requested the hotel’s ____ for the perfect pairing.
(a) surgeon (b) wine taster (c) teacher

4. Cartographer (kahr-tog-ruh-fer)
In the middle of the 16th century, a leading ____ , Gerardus Mercator, developed a cylindrical projection that is still widely used for navigation charts and global maps.
(a) social worker (b) dentist (c) map maker

5. Horologists (haw-rol-uh-jist)
The curators at the museum organised an exhibition to commend the contribution of famous ______ by showcasing the most unique and antiquated watches and clocks.
(a) watch makers (b) candle makers (c) soap makers

1. B, 2. A, 3. B, 4. C, 5. A

Word Pyramid
The clues will help you find the answers to complete the word pyramid. Each answer must contain the previous
answer. You may arrange the words with a new letter.
Hint: Start from the top

1. The colour of danger
2. A stalk of tall grass growing in the marshes
3. To discourage or demotivate
4. Not owned, leased
5. Artificial teeth
6. To change the nature or structure of
7. An exciting or daring experience



Volume 3 Issue 6


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