Winter Care


While a moisturiser continues to be a ubiquitous product for the winter, there are a bunch of other essentials that are equally important. We ask professional make-up- artist Ishika Taneja to pick a set of beauty products that she deems as the must-haves this season


MAC – Rs. 800
Vaseline – Rs. 109

A little known fact about lips is that the skin cover around them is much less compared to the face and the rest of the body, so imagine the considerable damage to it during the cold. For luscious lips, use a good lip balm


Clean & Clear – Rs. 95
The Body Shop – Rs. 795

For radiant skin, using a good face-only product is important. A face wash opens up clogged pores allowing skin to breathe and leaving it fresh and leaving it fresh and glowing.



Olay – Rs. 199
The Body Shop – Rs. 995

Healthy skin not only includes your face, but it also extends to the rest of your body. For nourished skin, pamper it with good moisture creams



The Body Shop – Rs. 570
Himalaya – Rs. 95

Your feet need as much care as the rest of your body. Eliminate susceptibility to cracks by using these recommended foot creams




Volume 3 Issue 7


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