Why You Should Be Bitten By The Travel Bug

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Enter the word ‘Travel’ into your search engine, and you find endless sites redirecting you to ‘what is travel’ or ‘how to travel’. Or you’d find quotes by literary giants about their perspectives on Travel, how it ‘enriches’ the soul and how it is a ‘necessity’. You look at every third person’s Instagram info that says ‘Avid Traveller’, ‘Travel Junkie’, ‘Loves Adventures’ or ‘Wanderlust’. But do any of these know what it is really like to ‘Travel’? Do those sites really convey how rejuvenating a break can be so much so that for a brief moment, you feel it too? Does that Instagramer really know what it is like to live with a backpack, to touch those adventurous sides of his personality, the rush, the adrenaline and the thrill of not knowing what your next destination will be and to just go with the flow?

Wanderlust, or the strong desire to Travel – if you’re constantly on the road or just a seasoned vacationer, we’ve all been bitten by the travel bug at some point in our life; whether it is to escape from our wordly troubles, to recover from a personal loss, to relax, a trip with your group of friends or even just the thrill of being in someplace else.

It has inspired millions of people to put their experiences into writing in the form of person blogs for the whole world to share in the joys of their fascinating journeys or even a personal diary, to reminiscence, a trip down memory lane or just something to smile about.  Our world is so big, so beautiful that people want to witness its greatness with their own eyes, to taste its flavors with their own palate, and to experience and learn from the cultures and people that make its tapestry so vibrant. People make places. It is not just the sights and sounds of a destination that adds to its flavour, it’s the people – their stories, their talents, their diversity and traditions.

You don’t have to be rich to travel. Your limitations are not set by who you associate with, your birthplace, the genes you have, the money you have, your current age, what you did before or things that you claim are your stamp of failure for life.

How many people in the world do you hear of just leaving their cubicle life, dropping everything that is going on to just pack and leave to experience what the world has to offer, to ‘find’ yourself, to feel that sense of longing freedom. Are people really that travel obsessed? Can people travel for long enough to wake up one day and realize: This is no longer a vacation, this is life. Can people really leave a part of themselves in a place enough to call it home?

A trip isn’t about sightseeing as much as ‘being somewhere’. So just do this: Get on a plane, reach your destination and just DON’T worry about your next step. The world is your oyster, full of experiences, opportunities and possibilities just waiting for you. Make memories all over the world. Find a friend in strangers. Come back (or don’t) with all your memories capsuled into one big happy pill. Leave speechless and comeback a story teller. Afterall, isn’t it better to see something once or twice than to hear about it a thousand times?


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