Why Bookworms Have the Greatest Advantage


Many people believe that books are a thing of the past and we do not require books anymore, with the evolution of the internet. But, this is highly untrue. The internet may be able to replace the information provided by the books but it can never replace the feelings and emotions. One doesn’t become a bookworm just to gather information or be a linguist. Here are some other advantages of being a bookworm:

They don’t believe in Part of a Whole

People who do not read books and browse through the internet only manage to get the exact sentences they are looking for. I mean let’s face it no one is going to read an entire Wikipedia page. However, for bookworms, this is often not the case. Of course, research books are meant for people who are of a certain intellect. But books that seek to give you general information are written in a way that engages the reader. This makes the reader want to read the book from start to finish, making him consume more information.

They are generally less stressed

Books are like movies, they are made to entertain. So, not only does a reader gain knowledge through books but they also feel relaxed while doing so. This doesn’t apply to people who get information online as they generally tend to lose their patience just trying to find the right website. Most online articles also do not seek to entertain and read more like a report.

Rewinding and Fast-forwarding Made Easy

Though films and TV Shows are an amazing way to get information, it is often annoying to rewind when you miss a dialogue or search for a particular scene where they inform you about something. In books, this isn’t prevalent as you can just go up a few lines to read the dialogue as many times as it takes for you to understand. Do you want to skip an unnecessary romantic paragraph or long descriptions? Easy, just skip the paragraph.

Reliable Authors

Bookworms are generally exposed to more reliable authors than other people. It isn’t very easy to get a book published and you can trust the publishing not to entertain fake writers who have no knowledge of what they are writing. The information got through books is also more reliable. Unlike, movies where there is a need for action and hence the law of physics and the dates of history are not focussed upon, books don’t feel the need of doing the same. No book is 100 percent reliable but they are definitely more reliable than other mediums.

Easy to Load Even Online

Unlike movies, books can easily be read anywhere and hence bookworms gain information on the go. Be it public transportation or on top of a mountain. There is no need for a charger, Wi-Fi nothing. However, even if you do choose to read books online, they are much easier to load than movies or webpages with a huge amount of ads and gifs. They also take very little time to download.

They are More Imaginative

Unlike movies, books leave the interpretation of the place albeit a real one to the reader’s mind. The appearances of the characters are also left in most ways to the reader’s imagination. Bookworms are hence more creative and have a wider imagination. They can see things that generally need to be spoon-fed to other people.

They are easy to please

How do you please a bookworm? Buy him/her a book! Bookworms are by far the easiest people to please. If you want to please them via conversation then you just have to initiate a discussion about the latest book they read. Is your bookworm girlfriend is mad at you? Just talk to her about her favourite book. There is nothing easier than that now, is there?


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