Ways To Keep Yourself Naturally Warm During Winters

stay warm in winters
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The official season to gulp down mugs of hot chocolate is just around the corner and we cannot wait to slide into the cozy warm blanket and sip the soul-soothing drink. But there is so much more to winters than just Hot Chocolate. Like the summers demand us to keep our bodies naturally cool to beat the heat, winters too demand us to keep the bodies naturally warm to protect ourselves from the chilly climate. 

None of us likes falling sick especially during the season as beautiful and romantic as winters, but seasons can have other plans for us if we refuse to take care of ourselves. The most common form of health issues we face during winters are common cold, sore throat, joint pain, and dry skin. To keep them from coming in our way, we need to keep our bodies naturally warm and stay fit. This doesn’t require any great efforts. All you need to do is maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are going to tell you how 


exercise in winters
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Working out is like the fuel your body needs to keep it working, especially during winters. Chilly and cool climate sure does make all cozy, but it is important to dust it off and get your body moving. Exercising helps the blood to circulate through the body thus keeping it warm. Moreover, the laziness that comes handy with the winter blues results in weight gain which isn’t healthy. So you must exercise for atleast 30 minutes every day. Any form of exercise can help you get through the winter blues. 

Eat The Right Food 

Nature has blessed with us a beautiful blend of spices that ensure our bodies stay warm and that too in the most pocket friendly way. Ayurvedic kadhas and herbal teas have always been put under bad light, but they have only kept our immune system in tact. A kadha inclusive of Turmeric, Tulsi, Cinamon, Ginger, Honey, Jaggery can go a long way in protecting you from the terrible cold and flu. Besides these, eating boiled eggs and dry fruits too help in keeping the body warm. However, make sure you dont consume them in huge amounts, otherwise they might create a lot of heat in the body leading to unnecessary added health concerns like heat boils, ulcers, bad stomach, etc. 

Say Yes To Hot Liquids 

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Soups, Hot Chocolate, Masala Chai and Hot Brewing Coffee hit differently during winters. Not are they sould feeding, but they also keep the body warm when the winds try to bring you down. Although you need to restrict your caffine intake, one cup of coffee or tea a day won’t do much harm. Include healthy soups of tomato, spinach, corn, etc in your daily diet, atleast till January arrives. The benefits and positive changes soups bring into lives will surprise you. Soups help in not only combatting winter chills from the body, but also push in the much needed veggies which we otherwise turn away from. 

Say No To Natural Coolants 

Food items like cucumbers and watermelons are natural coolants and are mainly consumed during summers. So no matter how much you love these, try stauing away from them as they can be the prime cause of cold and flu. Similarly, lemon, sabja and coconut water too are natural coolants. If these are a strict no no, it goes without saying that eating ice-creams, drinking cold shakes or gulping down chilled refrigerated water should not even be thought about. 

These are basic things that should be followed during every winter to stay away from winter-related health concerns. With these by your side, winter will just go the way you want it to. So brace yourself up, because winter is coming!


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