The Evolving Mind Behind The Book, “Ramjas: The Aazadi Episode

vaibhav yadav

Not all heroes are exalted, some don’t even realize they are heroes and there are some who needs to be applauded for their unassuming gallantry. Meet Vaibhav Yadav, all of 20 and a final year student of History honours at the prestigious Delhi University’s Ramjas College. He came across a life changing incident that revealed the deep thinker and the empathetic side of him. Incidentally, it also brought out the writer in him as he frequently documented his thoughts on the incident to words. He believed that the best way to make a lasting contribution was through this book titled, “RAMJAS : THE AAZADI EPISODE”. He wanted to ensure fellow youngsters start thinking consciously, take intelligent decisions and not be subjected to the wrath of such environment. It’s his belief that every young person that walks into the campus be inculcated with a sense of integrity and discipline through his writings.

Vaibhav, is one youngster that sets the tone on how it is possible for the youth to experience an awakening and express themselves sans aggression amidst unpleasant trysts and circumstances.

Q1. How was it like being a part of such a big institution?
Ans: Ramjas has played a key role in my life. I have grown not only as a student but also as a Human being here. It has taught me so many things that I could never put to words. It has been more than an institution to me. 
Q2. How were your interactions with the students and the staff when you first entered Delhi University (Ramjas College)?
Ans: At first I was nervous stepping into college just after completing my school but the environment of Ramjas College and the North Campus made me feel at home soon. Initial interactions with fellow students was very much the force pushing me to attend college. People here were so accepting, open and diverse that you could live a lifetime in these 3 years. 
Q3. What was the major reason behind writing this book?
Ans: There are several life changing events that make a mark in your conscience and for me one such event was the Ramjas College protests. In my final days of graduation I witnessed a very distinctive form of Ramjas, which people had not expected. The united and open environment here changed to a violent one and thereby to groupism. Even after everything was over, it really wasn’t in the minds of the students. No one would talk about the real impression it made on them regardless of course, ideology or academic batch. Everything had changed. After a long debate with my own self I decided to pen down this book.
Q4. How did you reach this big decision of publishing your emotions and thoughts?
Ans: To be honest, it was one the most significant decision I have ever made in my life. To have a battle of emotions everyday with your inner voice to get it out there is something no one should have. Everyone talked and debated about what was happening, but no one really spoke about what had actually happened. By this I also mean, friends, faculty and staff were not the same anymore. There was an unspeakable change in them. All that made me realize it is vital that I express and reach out to the people who would understand this. So this decision had to be made.
Q5. What kind of research did you have to go through?
Ans: The book has my personal experiences and perspective on how Ramjas was and how it became following the incident. There was not much research required to pen down my own emotions because I entrusted my inner voice to guide me. Though, I have taken inputs from my friends, fellow students and faculty on their own experiences and would share them too in the book.
Q6. Was writing always one of your passions?
Ans: Ever since I read my first Novel – David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, my interest and curiosity to read only increased. I could read a novel that I loved time and again which I actually have. It all began when I started to write my own blog on my website: and now has brought me to pen down a book. This book is to reach out to the youth today and spread awareness.
Q7. Do you believe that after reading the book, people will change their ideals and beliefs?
Ans: I believe the Youth today has the potential to bring down every mountain to their knees only if they can channelize their energy and uniqueness in the right path. I intend to share my personal experience so that they can do best with their college life. I don’t intend to change beliefs or ideals, it has nothing to do with that. What I intend to do is reach out to the Youth of India and share my personal accounts on college life.
Q8. Were you provided with enough information and support?
Ans: There was not much information required to be honest. The support I have received since I began on this path is overwhelming. I thank each and every person who has extended their unconditional support to me. They are my energy to push this further.
Q9. How did “Mission Zindagi” come up?
Ans: It is not something special that we have done here. We all can do it, actually I would urge every reader of your esteemed magazine to commit to at least affect and improve 1 person’s life. It would not require so much effort, but can really transform the life of the ones in need.
Q10. People refer to you as ‘Tomorrow’s leader’. How does that feel?
Ans: I am thankful for those people who think I can lead them tomorrow and if need be I would definitely do it. It puts a lot of responsibility on my shoulder seeing that so many people have expectations from me. It is through their support that I have embarked on this journey and shall continue to do so. 


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