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Quasar is the flagship annual 24-hour hackathon organized by Vasantdada Patil Pratishthan’s College of  Engineering & Visual Arts wherein young innovators and developers from all over the country come  together to find alarming problems in various sectors and brainstorm their solutions to said problems  and showcase their true potential to the alarming problems of the region & the world. It is completely  organized by a team of dedicated students and also consists of a series of workshops and other fun  activities to make the stay memorable. 

We are excited to announce our upcoming first rendition of Quasar to be in a hybrid mode, designed for  beginners with a passion for innovation and sustainability. Our event will feature multiple themes,  allowing participants to submit their ideas in the given PPT format and showcase their creativity offline  in VPPCOE&VA.

Fest Title Quasar 2023
Category Technical Fest
OrganizerVasantdada Patil Pratishthan’s College of Engineering and Visual Arts (VPPCOE&VA)
Venue Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Important Dates: 

12/03/2023 – Registration Ends 

18/03/2023 – Result of Round 1 

25/03/2023 – Hackathon Round 2 starts 

26/03/2023 – Hackathon Round-2 Ends/Business Model Pitching & Prize Distribution


Agriculture/Rural Development: Whether you’re interested in creating tools for better crop  management or finding ways to increase access to markets for small-scale farmers, this sector offers a  wide range of possibilities for you to showcase your skills and make a positive impact on the world. 

Smart Education: This sector provides an opportunity for you to explore innovative solutions for the  education industry, from improving access to quality education for all, to developing cutting-edge  educational technologies. 

MediTech/BioTech: Whether you’re interested in using AI for disease diagnosis or creating wearable  devices for monitoring health, the possibilities for innovation in this sector are endless. 

Smart City: In this sector, we’re looking for innovative ideas that can make our cities more sustainable,  connected, and efficient. Whether it’s developing smart traffic management systems, enhancing public  transportation, or creating solutions for waste management, we’re looking for solutions that can  improve the quality of life for citizens. 

Phase Details: 

Phase 1: Based on the 4 sectors given to you, the participants need to choose a sector and based on that  sector, the team to formulate the problem statement and the technology solution to the chosen  problem statement. As part of this problem statement and the technology solution, the team has to  prepare a PowerPoint Presentation and submit the same during the process of registration. Once your  registration is complete, you will receive a mail stating that we have received your registration. After  registration, the participating teams have to submit a video stating the reason of your participation and  why you have chosen this sector and particular problem statement. 

Phase 2: We will evaluate your problem statement and solution and after that the participating teams  will be given confirmation of your participation on March 18, 2023. Means, at this juncture you will  officially become a part of Quasar.

Phase 3: This phase will start with your presence at the venue on March 25, 2023 at 2.00 p.m. To begin  with, the judges will look into your problem statement and technology solution to it. The judges will  suggest some implementation changes in your stated technology solution. You need to incorporate the  changes suggested by the judges into your solution in the next 24-hours, means till March 26, 2.00 p.m. 

Phase 4: Based on the judges’ perspective and decision, some teams will be shortlisted for the final  round. After that, before the jury, problem statement, its technology solution and the implementation  will be bound in a business idea. The best teams shortlisted from your business ideas will be declared as  winners of the hackathon. 

Registration Fee: 

Free for all. 

Team Size: 


Important Links:  

Website Link: https://quasarfest.vercel.app/ 

Apply link: https://quasar.devfolio.co/ 

 Sample PPT link:  


Address & Contact details: 

Vasantdada Patil Education Complex, Eastern Express Highway Near Everard Nagar, Chunabhatti, Sion,  Mumbai, Maharashtra 400022 

Sagar Sunka: 7039533733 

Vinayak Trimukhe: 8080847775 

Email: quasar@pvppcoe.ac.in 

Social Media Links: 

Instagram: instagram.com/quasar_vppcoe 

Twitter: twitter.com/QuasarFest 

Telegram: t.me/quasarfest 

Discord: discord.gg/PArFf6Xher


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