Break The Monotony. Study Some Unique Courses

unique courses
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It has been a long time since India discovered some unique courses other than the most common ones like Engineering, Business Administration, Finance, Medicine, etc. From the past few years, the youth started opting for courses other than the most common ones like those mentioned above. This is indicative of the fact that the youth has opened up to exploring and considering newer and unique career options.

Keeping this in mind, we bring to you 8 unique courses you can study:

1. Ethical Hacking: Also known as Penetration Testing, the course specializes students in penetrating into systems and recognizing the threats and vulnerabilities available and protecting it from malicious attackers who might exploit the system which may cause loss of data, financial and other damage. Ethical hacking is carried out by gaining permission from the authorized person to protect the company’s or personal system.

Unique courses
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2. Food Chemist: This course focuses on teaching students to test the quality of food. It involves teaching how to analyze and improve the chemical composition of food by the use of chemistry. The main role of food chemist is to ensure that the food is safe for consumption.

unique courses
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3.  Event Management: This course aims at teaching students to plan and organize large-scale events such as festivals, award functions, weddings, press releases, product launches, etc. Studying Event Management helps student develop creative and organization skills. 

unique courses

4. Game Designing: The course stems from that of computer science, psychology, digital designing, programming and few others. It teaches one to develop games using various types of technology, the mechanisms used for building the game and the rules behind building it.

unique courses
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5. Photo Journalism: A unique course which teaches student to narrate news stories to people through photographs. This course requires utmost creativity to be able to tell a story majorly through pictures. Under this course students will not just get to learn how to click pictures but also to write and describe the whole news story in very limited words.  

unique courses
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6. Puppetry: Puppetry is a unique from of storytelling using puppets. Those wanting to study puppetry must be good storytellers and should have the ability to express emotions. Through this course, students will learn innumerable techniques of using different types of puppets, crucial aspects of performance, which will be inclusive of rhythm, speech, understanding of characters, movements, space utilization and much more.

unique courses
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7. Gerontology: It is a  study of biological, psychological, cultural, social, and cognitive aspects of ageing. This study prepares students to carry out extensive research in the field ageing and adult life and also trains them to work with various NGOs that work towards the betterment of the seniors citizens.

unique courses
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8. Digital Designing: The course of Digital Designing is currently gaining immense popularity among the youth. It is the most opted for course in the field of graphic designing. Digital Designing is a vast course whose curriculum will range from teaching students website designing to special effects for movies. Those with a digital designing background can work in the fields of advertising, entertainment, education, etc.

unique courses
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With these and so many more course options available in the education arena, the youth must expand its horizon and look for learning something other than the usual.


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