Rappelling Your Way Down – May 2016

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Haven’t you ever looked up at a mountain and wanted to scale it right to the top and then back down, but got scared of a really steep cliff? Rappellers hunt down those cliffs and climb down them

Rappelling, in simple terms, is a controlled descent of a vertical drop, such as a rock face, using a rope. This technique is usually used when a cliff or slope is too steep and is dangerous to descend without protection. Many climbers also use this technique to protect established anchors from damage. Apart from being an adventure sport, rappelling is also very useful for other purposes. For example, rope access technicians use rappelling to access difficult-to-reach areas from above for various industrial applications like maintenance, construction, inspection and welding. Rescue teams are also known for using this method as a way to access injured or stranded victims.


Tandem Rapelling involves two climbers descending on the same belay device. This is done in some rescue situations when one of the climbers is incapacitated or the descent needs to be done quickly. The set-up is similar to a regular rappelling set-up with the first climber is girth hitched off a sling into the descender on the carabiner, and has an auto-block from belay loop of the harness to the rope as a backup. The second rappeller is also girth hitched into the belay device on the carabiner and also anchored into the main rappeller’s harness as a back-up.

This is an advanced technique where two climbers descend the same rope at the same time, or two ropes tied together, and one climber’s weight counterbalances the other. Generally the technique is considered less safe than the regular repelling. However, it’s useful in case of emergencies, or for rapping off opposite sides of a fin or spire where there are no anchor points.

Counterbalance rappelling is used typically by a leader to reach an injured second. The idea is to rappel off on one strand of rope, using the incapacitated second’s weight on the other strand of the rope to counterbalance.

Not just a pilgrim-thronged town, Rishikesh is very well sought-after for its adventures sport provisions as well. Known as the Mecca for all adventurous activities and tours, Rishikesh offers you the best of all terrains to trek on with breathtaking beauty around. The gorgeous hills, snow capped peaks, and rivers and streams, all contribute to making rappelling a raging success in this place.

Maharashtra is not just the commercial capital of the city, it is perfect for adventure seekers as well, especially the kinds who don’t get more than a weekend off work. Waterfall rappelling is one of the raging adventure sports in this state. Though quite different from traditional rappelling, waterfall rapelling is a treat in its own style.

Right from Coorg to Dandeli there are loads of adventurous activities to do and have your thrills with in Karnatake. The feeling of descending from the face of a cliff and enjoying the breath taking panoramic scenes around cannot be described in a few words. You have to try it out yourself.

And how can the Himalayan kingdom be anywhere far when adventure sports are concerned? Rappelling in Sikkim is a treat, and how. Right from snow capped peaks to rugged terrains, Sikkim has got it all.


Volume 5 Issue 11


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