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He is one of India’s best and most travelled comedians having done more than 300 shows in 7 cities in just 3 years. His first comedy special was titled ‘Pant on Fire’ and his second ‘Traveling Pants’ debuted at the Comedy Store. His material has been described as ‘intelligent buffoonery’, ‘ just really, really loud’ and ‘arbitrary screaming with jokes in the middle’. Recently he was voted #1 Most Interesting Indian on Twitter by He is the founder of the East Indian Comedy, India’s busiest comedy company. * A baby is basically a living alarm clock. Where the clock has a mind of its own. Snooze is not an option. And, you’ll never sleep again.
* PVR sells Edamame Beans and this happens. Guy: “Boss, yeh kya hai?” Guy at the stall: “Sir, woh Japanese log ka mehenga Seeng Channa.”
*Just read a newspaper. Or: as it’s popularly known, “Yesterday’s trending topics from Twitter today.


Volume 5 Issue 8


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