Travelling Within India : Why You Should Do It More Often

Travelling within India

Going away on holiday is always fun. Trying new food, waking up without an alarm and countless photo opportunities. The list of pros writes itself. Unfortunately, going on holiday also means applying for work leave, booking things in advance and applying for visas. Travelling within the country can be the perfect solution for anyone that wants a little break without the stress of visas.

Time is of the essence

There are only so many leaves you can take from work, so the next best thing to do is plan a weekend getaway or take advantage of a long weekend. In either scenario, you can be back on schedule Monday morning, without tapping into your yearly leave quota. Fortunately for us, a lot of destinations within the country are only a two- or three-hour long plane ride away. You can travel from the west coast to the east in a few short hours.

Cash money

If you plan ahead of time it is possible to find flight tickets and accommodation options that are at an approachable price point. Plenty of travel apps and companies provide the options to research competitive rates. Just turn on your television and you are likely to spot travel app TVC’s at regular fifteen-minute intervals.

Different strokes for different folks

Whether you are inclined towards water sports, trekking or consuming copious amounts of food, our nation has something interesting tucked everywhere. From the backwaters of Kerala to the hilly terrains of Darjeeling there are many places to spend a weekend away doing things you wouldn’t normally do.

Go where you wouldn’t

Of course, many people would love to stroll through Amer Fort and city palace in Jaipur, but how many would think to walk around Lalbaug Park in Bangalore? Not too many. Often times we only head to certain cities if we have worked there, or perhaps have a relative to meet. But each city has at least one thing that’s worth experiencing, and a weekend is just enough time to do so.

On the lakeside of Bhopal, there is a place called ‘Van Vihar’ where you can rent bicycles and drive down kilometres of winding road that is flanked by the lake on one side and hillocks on the other. You may even see a white tiger there. In the centre of Bangalore there is the famous MTR lunch home, a humble structure with extravagant food. As you sit down on plastic chairs, servers will bring you ladles of curry, rice and ghee soaked dosas. The perfect way to line your stomach before heading to a local craft brewery.

In the lanes of Lucknow, not only will you find the most exquisite chikankari clothing, but also the best milk cake money can buy.

As city folk, we rarely think to explore our own interiors, even though we gladly do the same in the bylanes of other countries. When time is of the essence and schedules are tight, make some time to explore some part of the country you always wondered about. Our geography gives us access to beaches and mountains, forests and deserts, cities and small towns. It is smart to take advantage of this, especially when it can be easy on the pocket and enriching for the soul.


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