Three Wise Men, Mumbai


The three wise men, a cozy European atmosphere right in Santacruz! If you are looking for a hangout without getting too dressy this would be number one on a top 10 selection list. The place is warm yet far from boring. The colour scheme makes you want to stay in and beat the Mumbai heat. A Pint of beer from three wise men will wash over your tiredness and replace it with a serene feeling. Not to be undermined is the food, authentic Lebanese, European, Mexican and American food, authentic Lebanese, European, Mexican and American food will be the star of the night. A day out to this restaurant may be a little tight on your pockets so watch out. Groove to the good music collection and party till you drop, well it has to be before 1:30 am! Ladies three wise men is a very apt choice for a Wednesday night girls only get together. Now you don’t need to look for gay clubs to avoid cheap attention, you can dance your heels off and down free shots all evening long right in Santacruz. Singer or not, everyone is entitled to their embarrassing bathroom singing moments in the lime light, well get ready for open mike since three wise men has a karaoke day often, watch our for more events on their calendars. Reserve your tables and don’t forget to order fish and chips! Sujata Building, Opposite Santacruz Police Station, Santacruz West, Mumbai (Rs. 500 per person)

-Disha Seth


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