There Is A World Right in Your Backyard

world in your backyard
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Taking a trip overseas means planning ahead of time, a really long and sometimes almost-impossible-to-acquire leave from college, and an, of course, a good amount of money to make the trip worthwhile. While the experience of taking an international vacation is second to none, sometimes what you seek is right in your backyard. Here are four majestic international locations and their Indian variants.

Portofino, Italy
Indian equivalent: Lavasa, Pune

world in your backyard
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The planned city of Lavasa, nestled in the Mose valley in the Western Ghats, is inspired by the Italian town of Portofino. A mere four-hour drive from Mumbai, Lavasa − with its idyllic surroundings and pleasant climate − is perfect for that short vacation away from the busy city life. The beautiful Italian town of Portofino resonates in the architecture of the structures erected, while the Mose valley is reminiscent of Portofino’s harbour Genoa.
A perfect destination, Lavasa, the Indian sister of Portofino, presents post-card perfect views all around its periphery. Surrounded by mountain ranges, a misty blue lake and picture-perfect Goan and Mediterranean styled resorts and holiday homes, Lavasa is truly a beautiful and
well-planned city.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Indian equivalent: Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most naturally bestowed regions. From varied species of flora and fauna to its rich underwater coral reef, this reef is as close as it gets to paradise. While there is nothing quite like the experience of exploring underwater goodness of the Great barrier Reef in Australia, a trip to the Andaman and Nicobar islands is sweet redemption.

Marine life in the Andaman and Nicobar islands is in so many ways comparable to that of the Great Barrier Reef. The only difference would be the scale of its coverage over the region’s geography. From dolphins who mellifluously swim through the water to swimming elephants and its wondrous marine and coral life, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are India’s very own Great Barrier Reef.

Arc De Triomphe, France
Indian equivalent: India Gate, New Delhi

world in your backyard
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India Gate, New Delhi is a 42-meter high structure that bears the names of British, Indian and Afghan soldiers who lost their lives fighting in both World War I and the Afghan War of 1919. Created along the lines of one of Paris’s most famous monuments, Arc de Triomphe, India Gate is India’s answer to this great French structure.

India Gate has been strategically created at a crossroads and is surrounded by beautifully mowed and manicured lawns, much like its French counterpart. The structure and its surrounding gardens play host to the thousands of tourists and locals every day who come to visit – some to kill time and many more to marvel at this beautiful structure that resembles another famous architectural beauty in France.

Indian equivalent: Goa

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Pristine beaches, check. Blue seas, check. Scrumptious food, check. The best beach parties, check. To sum it all up − Goa is our very own Mauritius. There is something about this coastal getaway that keeps its tourists coming back year after year. This Indian variant welcomes close to 2 million tourists, a number that only increases with the passing of each year.
Nowhere in the rest of the country will a tourist be witness to the easy-come, easy-go vibe that pulsates throughout this state. The beauty of this destination does not only reverberate in it’s beyond perfect surroundings, its cuisine or in its strong Portuguese influences, but also in the welcoming nature of its locals. Goa, like Mauritius, has a rich history of invaders who conquered the land because of its proximity to the sea. This influence is redolent in its food, architecture and way of life of its people.


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