The Ultimate Schitts Creek Quiz For The Ultimate Fan

Schitts Creek
Image Source: Netflix

Schitts Creek is one of the best-made series and there is no arguing with that. The more you watch it, the more affinity you develop for the show. If the show has captured your heart and made you a diehard fan, take this ultimate quiz and test your Schitts Creek knowledge. 

Why does the Rose family shift to Schitts Creek?
Which dish do Moira and David cook for their family?
What caption does Roland Schitt add to the town sign after Jhonny Rose raises concern?
What adventurous activity does David go to with Stevie?
What is the name of Bob’s wife?
What is the name of the owner of the winery that Moira Rose advertises for?
David runs away with Roland’s truck and Moira’s Crocodile Brown bag. Where does he stay?
Who does Ted break up with to get back together with Alexis?
Why did Jhonny Rose buy Schitt’ Creek?
Where do David and Patrick get married?


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