The One Where You Find Out If You Are A True FRIENDS Fan Or Not

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Let’s all agree, our lives would have been less fun without FRIENDS, a TV show we can watch nth number of times and not even get sick of it. 

FRIENDS today has completed 25 years. This occasion demands for a celebration. If you are a true FRIENDS fan, answer these FRIENDS question that made us love our friends a little extra.

Yeah but if you spent it, it_______________________

Haute People
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Who does Ross get married to?

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What are the names of Rachael's sisters who appear in the show?
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Welcome to the real world__________________
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What did Phoebe name herself after her marriage?

Elite Daily
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What is Ross saying in the picture?
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What is Chandler allergic to?

Total Sorority Move
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Just so you know, it’s not that common,____________________

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Which song does Rachael and Ross sing for Emma?

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How many sisters does Joey have?

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If You Call Yourself A True FRIEND’s Fan Then Test Yourself For A Proof
You need to watch more of FRIENDS to call yourself a real fan

That was very close!

The FRIENDS cast will be very proud of you.

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