The Necessity Of Learning AI Skills For Managers

AI Skills
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The more skilled one is with regard to the current and upcoming trends, the better employability they hold. AI is the next big thing. We have heard this a lot many times now from experts across sectors. It is entering into every part of our lives. Today, businesses are gradually starting to rely majorly on AI for improved outcomes. This has made it imperative for business leaders and those in managerial positions to equip themselves with AI skills. 

First, let’s try to understand what AI actually means for the business audience. It refers to the use of computer systems that perform, enhance or transform business activities by simulating human behaviour, which results in improved business efficiency or effectiveness. 

Now, let’s understand what the term ‘AI skills’ refers to. AI skills, simply put are skills one requires to perform tasks efficiently that involve the use of artificial intelligence. Some basic AI skills are knowing programming languages like Python, R, Java, having sound knowledge of linear algebra and statistics, signal processing techniques, neural network architectures, being able to think critically, holding intellectual curiosity of getting to the root of things, and decision making, to name a few. 

So, why should those in top managerial positions acquire AI skills? What difference does it make? 

What all businesses care about are revenue, costs, customers, competition. Gaining the knowledge of AI can help managers and leaders leverage improved capabilities in the overall operation of their organisation.

Understanding the fundamentals of AI is also essential as it involves computer systems processing massive amounts of information and data. AI looks for pattern, similarities, differences, camparions, etc which are important for any business. Managers who understand AI will understand how to use the technology to derive better outputs and business results.  

Understanding the potential AI holds will help managers to assign tasks efficiently. Today the influx of data has made it next to impossible for humans to process, interpret and analyse it. AI is a blessing that helps businesses do all these tasks which were first carried out by humans. Now, with the entry of AI, these same tasks are being performed with unimaginable efficiency. Managers must therefore understand AI to be able to make the most of it for the overall growth of the organization. 

Understanding AI will help in automation of tasks saving ample amount of employees’ time which can be better utilised for perfoming other functions of the organisation. 

Further, how and what kind of AI technology to install and adopt is also a managerial decision. Thus, managers who have the AI skills and sound understanding will only be able to understand what kind of technologies and AI tools will work best for their organisation. 

There are many universities who have recognised the need for business leaders and managers to develop AI skills. As a result, many certification courses are available for such individuals that will help them stay abreast with the current and future needs and thereby act in the best benefit of their company.  

If you wish to take up a course in the same, here are a few options you can consider 
  • AI for Leaders programme – Great Learning in collaboration with University of Texas at Austin
  • Artificial Intelligence for Senior Leaders – IIM Bangalore
  • AI for Business Leaders – Udacity 
  • Introduction to AI technology for business leaders – Microsoft 

Managers, directors, category managers, CXOs, delivery managers and anyone in a leadership position is a right fit for these programs. 


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